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Corporate180: Advocates of the Inquisition?

Corporate180 uses intrusive and abusive business practices. Their research team, consisting of conservative commentators Peter and Helen Evans, are devotees of flat-earth scientist John Berlau.
Corporate180, a fairly new company, has had significant failures in key business areas.

They frequently identify the wrong company to contact based on their inept use of open source material, and, when called on this, have been less than gracious.

CEO Andrew Flint is staunchly opposed to free speech. He even demands that negative OPINIONS about his company be suppressed.

His research team, headed by conservative commentators Peter and Helen Evans, may be taking their devotion to flat earth scientist and global warming denier John Berlau too far. Is this affecting Corporate180's performance?

Sound consumer advice suggests that calls from Corporate180 be ignored and solicitations of their services be politely declined.

homepage: homepage: http://darktowerofquackery.wordpress.com/2009/09/13/peter-and-helen-evans-unwittingly-laying-the-foundation-for-a-second-inquisition/