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20 hour Street Medic Training with the Rosehip Medic Collective

Announcing a 20 Hour Street Medic Training to occur Friday November 6th through Sunday November 8th.
20 hour
Street Medic Training

Save the Date!

The Rosehip Medic Collective is holding a 20 hour basic Street Medic training. In these trainings we seek to empower people to provide quality emergency care in situations pertinent to activists. We will train you in giving a basic assessment, in offering friends and allies life saving first aid, discuss strategies for dealing with police weapons and violence, and many other awesome things.

Trainings happen Friday evening and from 9-6 Saturday and Sunday, so clear the weekend of November 6-8. Send questions to the email below and check our website for updates about when reservations start.

CONTACT:  rosehipmedics@gmail.com


homepage: homepage: http://www.rosehipmedics.org