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Comunique from the Greenwash Guerrillas

Washing corporate scum from the Muddy Boots Festival
Northwest Natural Gas Corporation Gets Greenwashed

Local community members of SE Portland have "Greenwashed" a NW Natural booth at the Muddy Boots Festival in an act of resistance against climate criminals and their Green-Propaganda. Corporations like NW Nasty sponsor "sustainability" festivals like Muddy Boots to create a fašade which hides their addiction to their bottom line: Profit over People and the Planet. At today's action, Greenwash Gurrillas covered NW Nasty's booth in green soap to show that we know who causes climate change and are willing to take even more direct action until polluting corporations clean up their act.

While NW-Nasty's marketing strategy talks up quck-fix technologies, they continue to be the main supporters of the proposed Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and pipelines. These carbon-intense LNG piplines require bulldozing news swaths through watersheds, forests, and farmland. The terminals add extensive environmental and human risks.

George Exum, who lives within one mile of the proposed terminal site pointed out, "the destruction caused by this industry will be much greater than the immediate local impacts. Not only are our estuary and community threatened by this fossil fuel project, but the health of the entire Columbia River is at stake. These public waters would be permanently impacted by LNG construction, and security zones would exclude boaters from these areas if this proposal is approved."

Here in SE Portland, we stand in solidarity with the people and ecosystems whose livelihood is being threatened by LNG proposals. NW Nasty is NOT welcome to lie to our neighbors about their real impact.