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Mouths Shut: Agents Around

I just saw an excellent reminder on Food Fight's page, and I wanted to repost it here (even though you all should already know this, it's always good to remind ourselves). Also, let me just tell you: If you run into some creepy person at a vegan potluck whom no one knows, DO NOT TALK TO THEM. This has been happening lately. Among other things.

On with the post from Food Fight.
"Hey everybody. We would really like to urge everybody to take a look at this National Lawyers Guild page ( http://nlg.org/resources/kyr.php) and review all your "Know Your Rights" kinda info so you'd know what to do if you were approached by the police or FBI.

Without going into details, let's just say there have been some folks poking around Portland, digging for info, and just being annoying jerks. Don't make their job easier for them. Even if you think you don't know anything and don't even jaywalk, just keep your mouth shut, pretty please. You never know what they are after, or how even the most innocent detail might be just the thing they need to put good folks in jail.

Ok, please. Do some reading and refreshing. Knowledge is power, kinda. It can't hurt at least. Thanks.

Your pals at Food Fight"

(I hope they don't mind my reposting it here. But it seems important.)