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John Trudell Speaking About the Case of Leonard Peltier

On a Portland Oregon Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," Native American Spoken Word Artist John Trudell discusses the circumstances and aftermath of a 1975 fire fight on the Pine Ridge Reservation which took the lives of two FBI agents.

Trudell on Leonard Peltier
Though subsequent trials found two Native Americans not guilty due to self defense, Leonard Peltier was found guilty, as the corrupt judge refused to allow the same defense. Leonard was just recently denied parole, his next parole hearing being in 2024, when he will be 79 years old. He has been in prison since 1977.

John addresses the possibility of an FBI operative working within the AIM community during their actions in the 1970's to protest government treatment of Native Americans. Among others, these events would certainly include: the Washington D.C. Occupation of the BIA building; the Occupation of Wounded Knee in South Dakota; and the firefight at the Jumping Bull Ranch where the FBI agents were killed.

"They are not going to let him out; that has never been their intention. The government had an operative, not an informant or a snitch. An operative is someone the put amongst you to direct activities. I think there was a government operative amongst that level of AIM leadership, ....(who)wasn't necessarily a part of the AIM leadership, but had access to the AIM leadership."
"This operative is behind this firefight in Oglala, where these agents were killed, and I think this operative is behind the murder of Anne Mae Aquash. And the way that it appears to me is that I think that this operative manipulated both sides against each other on the firefight thing, as part of a larger plan. But the plan went wrong and the agents got killed."

John states further that, "with that being the case, the government needs a scapegoat, they need someone to hold, because they can never let this come to light, that this would have never happened if it hadn't been for the government operative playing both sides against the middle."

Trudell on Leonard Peltier

Trudell and his band, Bad Dog, are in Portland this week end, September 12 - 13, 2009, to perform at Hempstalk 2009 at Kelly Point Park.

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