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sept 11 update from Caracas

update from Venezuela on 9.11
we were going to be doing a winter soldier event today but Chaves is returning so no one would of gone to it

we were still thinking of doing it but their onsite organizer had passed away yesterday so that led to a cnacellation

we are all having a great time

we visited the ministry of education today ...i filmed him speak to our group in a very fancy office...

and now we just got back from a vegan lunch

Chavez arrives today and we are joing the crowds who are going to watch him drive by

I love their politics here

I am inspired by their social values and the importance they put on Humans before capital

it is super cool

it is smoogy ...and humid.... they drink most their liquids warm

TP is rare in many bathrooms ...better bring your own

no one puts tp in the toilet ...due to bad plumbing

no one from our group has gotten sick...just a little burned out

they have shoddy electricty ...wires exposed etc...and I do see some compact flourscent bulbs in myany places but it has much room for improvement

many people are selling stuff on the streets all over

they have phone call cell phones all over too

its a person sitting with a stack of phones ..that you just pay for your call

last night a lady let me and the lady orginizer go into her own apartment to use her phone to call the states ...for free..wow ..

nobody has any video cameras unless we are near or at a TV station...they are rare

I am having a great time...if it wasnt for the interpereters i would be lost

we are staying in a burrio which is a poor part of town ...

hope all is going well in the states

i return on a 8.20 am flight on Monday


joe anybody september 11 2009

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