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Pass the Cup?

We must fight!
More and more blood
More and more blood
Will We All Drink the Hemlock?

Trying to understand what is happening in 2009 America is like going back in time, I do not mean yesterday or last year, I mean to the City States of Greece.

There were two main kingdoms in ancient Greece, Athens and Sparta. The Republicans are acting like the Spartans and the Democrats are acting like the Athenians.

Progressives or those who claim the title are very good at calling the Spartans war mongers, haters, rich uncaring beings, vampires, and destroyers of the Bill of Rights. These definitions would be arrogant if they were not true. They are, but so what? At this point in our Empire we should know that what is left of the Republican Party is corruption, all their leaders are corrupt. But today the Athenians rule the Empire and there is something wrong in Athens. This is what we should be concerned with---Athenians assassinated Socrates for god's sake! They watched as he drank from the cup of poison and celebrated the death of the greatest human in all of Greece. The Athenians turned on themselves. Athens did fall, as we will some day.

We have in our midst different types of citizens and politicians but all in our Athens fall into a few simple categories.

The Cocktail Liberals: Here is a person who thinks they are a good and noble member of society, they give money to many liberal causes, they speak out against bigotry, they vote, they staff the phones and ring doorbells for someone they never have met or just don't know very well. They think they are the backbone of the democratic party. The base! They actually like going to meetings.

The Radicals: They have always been the real base of the democratic party but are kept outside so not to wake up the people who are working for someone they do not know. They are the people you see in the streets, trying to get some message of Truth, Justice or Peace to all who will listen. They hand out pieces of paper, sometimes have plays, maybe street theater, or dress up in funny costumes. They are the troublemakers. They really believe in the possibility of a just and noble state. They are the peacemakers of present day Athens.

Zombies: They are the ones who will follow someone, somewhere, anywhere and only ask when they can come back for more "kool-aid." This is a group, a large group, who have been struck by a lightning bolt by one of the gods. The Republicans and Democrats have many of these types of citizens. They only do what they are told, truth has nothing to do with anything; Justice too complicated---orders are good!

When the Athenians looked at the Spartans they did not see members of Greece, they saw the enemy, only now, thousands of years later can we all wonder why two cities were so different yet the same. They both wanted power, the Athenians may have spent time talking about Philosophy, Music, Science, and Mathematics, but they wanted power as much as the Spartans. In the end, they went the way of all Empires, they murdered their men of peace and then died.

If you stay safe in our Empire say nothing and do nothing, you will perish just like the original Athenians; you must fight for Justice, Peace and the Dignity of all people in our very small world.

"To the Streets and Liberty!"

"To the Bastille!"

"Throw the bums out"

"Citizens take back your honor"

This fight may be our last, come with us to the halls of power everywhere and say:

"Justice for all, privilege for none!"

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