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prisons & prisoners


Come and show your solidarity with those who have become victims of the prison industrial complex! Run in the morning and benefit show at night.
Meet at the BlackRose infoshop at 10am sharp, and be ready to run/walk. The 5k will begin at BlackRose (4038 N Mississippi ave) and end at Overlook park (interstate + N Overlook blvd). There will be food and a raffle at the park. Please come and show your support; get pledges and donate $. All donations go to the Anarchist Black Cross warchest. Even if you can't raise money in time, you are of course welcome to come and run. This is a national event, people will be running in many cities, some from within prison walls!
There will also be a benefit show in the evening which is also at the BlackRose infoshop. Not Sorry (from Tuscan,Az), Riot Cop (pdx), and the Restless Many (pdx) will be playing and the show starts at 7pm. All donations from the benefit will also go to the warchest.