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Capitalism Recycling

We have forgotten to raise the Why-questions, questions children ask us again and again. Why did we believe for years money grows on trees and can be multiplied at will without seeing that the branch on which we sit has broken through our own debt burden? Why was the economic elite silent for years about intrigues?

Why the Why Questions are not Raised

By Artur P. Schmidt

[This article published in the German-English journal Telepolis, 7/16/2009 is translated from the German on the Internet,  http://www.heise.de/tp/r4/artikel/30/30734/1.html.]

Despite technological advances, real incomes have fallen in western industrial nations. Education decays to a specialist terrain without responsibility for the whole. No wonder terms like ethics and morality are seemingly unimportant in de-regulated capitalism. The despicable mammon of personal enrichment synchronized the brains of actors with shareholder value of stock prices through massively escalating salaries. We have forgotten to raise the Why-questions, questions children ask us again and again.

Why did we believe for years money grows on trees and can be multiplied at will without seeing that the branch on which we sat had broken through our own debt burden? Why was the so-called economic elite silent for years about intrigues in the financial departments of big banks although everyone could calculate for example that a UBS bank was much too big in relation to the Swiss economy to master the crisis alone?

Why did politicians watch as Swiss banking secrecy was redesigned by banks into a criminal perpetual motion machine of money laundering? Why do we support banks today that cannot be bailed out any more and prevent newly printed money from being used to clean toxic swap-waste and innovations with the introduction of bad banks? Why do we allow banks that are rehabilitated to cancel old credits despite new funds and thus cause gigantic credit crunches and mass unemployment?

Why can speculators on Wall Street and elsewhere act unscrupulously for years and fill the world with derivatives without our asking where this madness leads? Why did no far-sighted managers end these intrigues? Why did not politics intervene preventively to stop the excesses on the financial markets? Why do we believe that only growth helps and not the quality of our whole life?

Why did we make people who did not gain capital profits of 25% look ridiculous? Why do the market-radical ideologues permit the destruction of capitalism? Why did not journalists rebel more strongly against a system that turned out to be a merciless discontinued model?

Why are there so few women in top management? Why are there many parliamentary representatives whose intellectual quality tends incredibly to zero? Why do we allow the henchmen of neoliberalism to climb to all leading positions and today with their linkage do nothing but administer the old to death? Why do we stand and watch as western democracies are no longer democratic but decay to arbitrary bodies without ethics and morality? Why do we do business with criminal countries like China that trample on human rights and are not even afraid of genocide? Why do we allow a miserable establishment to celebrate parties without end while unemployment sets new records all the time? Why do we roll out the red carpet for the most corrupt dictators?

Why don't we change the rules of the game of capitalism? Why don't many business leaders who exploit Africa understand that money cannot be eaten? Why don't we see that the cause of today's growth competition lies in the current interest system? Why have we condemned the cybernetic thinking based on interactions? Why do we have only specialists everywhere and no generalists? Why do we close our eyes to the reality that we need new solutions to master the problems of the future? Why don't we bring those unconventional thinkers into leadership positions who warned of these developments for years?

Why don't we design political systems that are not based on election periods but ensure the future for decades? Why are all control systems in the economy and politics optimized for blind flight in which people inevitably crash into the debt mountains? Why don't many top managers and politicians realize that meaning does not arise by inflicting more and more nonsense?

Why don't we simply make a little revolution in our everyday life by resisting, revolting, desisting and founding new firms? Why do we simply initialize and recycle failures today in a capitalism recycling?



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May knowledge-maximization replace profit-maximization! (cf. Rainer Roth)


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