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Benefit for cyclist hospitalized in crash!

This Friday 9/11 at Circadia 4705 NE Columbia! Starts 9 pm  http://twitpic.com/gxxsy
Come support Dan, Sarah, and their 3 yr old daughter Birdy. Dan was involved in a severe bike accident with another cyclist that was drunk. The handlebars crushed his face and shattered every bone. He lost his entire body volume of blood. He will need multiple extensive reconstructive surgeries. This is further complicated by the fact that he has a heart problem and his medication that he needs to live makes him bleed excessively, adding to both his risk under anesthesia and his hospital length of stay.
Dan & Sarah moved from Portland recently to Nebraska in search of work and a career opportunity for Dan. He had just secured his dream job, as Sarah got laid off. Things were looking up and it seemed the move was worth the struggle after all. Then as they were riding their bikes on an evening outing tragedy struck. Fortunately, he has medical benefits but they only cover so much. He did not have any sick/vacation pay. Money will be miserably tight for them over the next several months, possibly years.

So come have a good time and give til it hurts :)
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The Goodbye Party
Lindsey Walker
Plus beer(donated by New Belgium Brewery), dancing, and karaoke(hundreds of songs to choose from)!