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"The Internet Is An Open Sewer"

The mainstream media complains about citizen journalism such as Indymedia, expressing outrage that the mainstream media is obsolete and no longer to be trusted.

WTF? "The Internet is an open sewer." That's what this guy from the
mainstream media says about the journalism -- and lack there-of -- on
the Internet.

Watching the video I could not help but boil the complaints down to
one thing: The mainstream is failing, newspapers are a matter of
history, citizen journalists and in-the-street reporting of events as
they happen is the new wave. Because of it, the mainstream media see
their traditional roles and their jobs as increasingly obsolete and so
here they are complaining about the way the Internet makes information
and disinformation widely available to all.

The thing is, nothing has changed in terms of accuracy however a great
deal has changed in terms of _what_ information is available out there.

An example:

The mainstream media routinely failed to cover the truth about war
crime atrocities being committed by the United States around the world
for the past 100 years. Not once has any mainstream news media outlet
covered the terrorism training camps at the School of the Americas
which is by far the worse terrorist training camps in the world, located
right here on U. S. soil.

Over a million Iraqi citizens have been rapedm, tortured, and/or
slaughtered by the Christian terrorist Busg regime, either directly with
American bombs or by depleted uranium, biologicals, the deliberate
destruction of water, electric, and road infrastructure by the Christian

The mainstream media did not do its job, ergo it could not be trusted to
inform. Along comes the generational expansion of the Internet which
provides in-camera witness of the atrocities the Bush regime committed
and which the Obama regime continues to commit, not just against brown
people but also the treason the regimes continue to commit against America.

So watching these mainsteam clowns proclaim how bad the Internet is and
how wonderful they and their own accuracy is in comparison, what's left
is the further underscoring of the reason why the mainstream news media
deserves to die out and fade in to history.

homepage: homepage: http://crooksandliars.com/john-amato/meet-press-reaction-obamas-school-speec