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The Truth

The truth
The Truth

The truth is, that a great deception is taking place. This deception has been in progress for thousands of years. This deception, is the root cause of all of the societal ills that we're facing today. deficits , healthcare, prison populations, wars, etc all stem from the invisible over-class. This "Over-class", manipulates all aspects of our daily lives. They're neither republican, nor democrats. They're care not for conservatism, or liberalism. They created those monikers, to keep you, and me, conflicted and distracted.

They profit from our labor, and our pain. They profit from disaster, ware and disease. Recession entrenches their power and control. They are largely exempt from laws, prosecution, and media scrutiny, since they control the media.

They resist new membership, and discard members that cross the line into embarrassment.

They have hamstrung the education system of the masses, with guidlines that favor "working-class" ideology. They view us as merely tools, to accomplish their wishes. You get to see, only what they want you to see. They appear nameless, because notoriety is not their desire. They sculpt policy, that favors control of mass information.

If you pay close enough attention, you can see their influence:

why is single payer dead? because they need it to be

why are we still at war, after all these years? because it's profitable.

why are they using trivial issues to monopolize public discussion? because the real problems are created by them.

why are "cures" for disease less important than "treatment"? Curing disease is not profitable.

These issues, and many more, are clearly deliberate manipulations. Many people are starting to notice, and publicize what they've seen (The Corporation, Zeitgeist, etc.)

So, this begs the question: what can YOU do? I've been researching options, and made some startling conclusions:

Anarchist movements are a benefit to them. They increase the prison population (slave labor), provide negative publicity to progressive movements, and further the divide between people on our level. Insurrection, will be an excuse for extermination.

Voting, when you only have narrow, hand-picked options, that have been vetted and certified by the over-class, seems largely pointless.

Debating between conservative and liberal issues (created by the over-class), only serves as a distraction, and a tears down meaningful dialogue. It reinforces the herd mentality.

Now, some quite valid solutions, that can be implemented locally. I do not believe a "national movement" will ever come to unseat these people

First, educate yourself, to see their influence in your daily life. Read with a critical mind, to see their mistakes. Learn what their plan is for you. From what I've noticed, their plan for you goes something like this: They want you slightly ill, and tied to the healthcare extortion system. They want you in debt beyond your means, tied to the banking system, and they want you to work, for the rest of your life. They want you addicted to food that is not safe, nutritious, or sustainable. They want you to always be chasing the trappings of success that aren't real.

Second, many of us have ignored our "second vote". This vote is your money, and how you chose to use it. By spending money with a company, you are voting for what that company does, believes, and partakes in. Pull your resources out of any and all national banks immediately. Shop only at locally owned organizations, with a positive record for community involvement. Purchase food from responsible farms, locally, if possible. Do more, with less, and get out of debt. Learn to take back your life from debt.

Third, practice being car-free. You don't have to get rid of your car, just yet. acquire a bicycle that can carry some cargo, possibly a child, if you have one, and practice. Nothing screws up oil price shocks, than people being able to get by anyway.

Fourth, is to preserve local farmland. It's the future lifeline of the urban core. Treat farms, farmers with respect. Without them, we'll all be in trouble. Encourage high density urban development, that is pedestrian oriented, and not automobile dependent. Encourage responsible electric rail development, since it's not tied to the petroleum system.

Fifth, Learn to respect your neighbor. This issue has caused a lot of issues. It's created a "Cocoon" mentality. It's too common for people to hide in their homes, watch media, and tune out the reality outside. Only through dialogue, interaction and understanding, will the truth come out. Remember, our civic selves.

These are the first steps, to a "quiet revolt". Through these, we can increase our own influence, and lessen those of the over-class. Print this, distribute it, if you agree with what's written here.

When the time is right, these views will begin to influence local politics. as that happens, implement the following guidelines:

Corporate Death Penalty: If corporations refuse to relinquish personhood, then let's treat them like people. Corporations that are convicted of any wrongdoing:

1st strike: corporate management removed, and tried in criminal court, all stock valued to zero, and assets transferred to non-management employees (co-op formed).

2nd strike: co-op elected management removed, tried and financial penalties applied

3rd strike, co-op disbanded, assets disbursed to compensate those wronged.

The corporate death penalty, with cause closer scrutiny of corporate behavior, if investors are likely to lose their assets by criminal behavior. The current system favors profits over responsibility. Even if only enacted locally (cascadian bioregion), it's power would be far-reaching.

Real Campaign finance reform:

a set amount, can be donated to campaign funds. This can only be donated from human beings, and human beings only. Any deliberate attempts by media outlets to influence elections are considered a "strike" with the corporate death penalty. This would prevent corporations, labor unions, associations, and other non-persons from having undue influence in campaign access.

These two steps, if fully implimented, would shrink the power of the over-class considerably.

Feel free to discuss this document, it's licensed under the creative commons.

Yes, a corporate death penalty 04.Sep.2009 00:43


Actually, if this were implemented many CEO's like that of Unocal, or Shell would be doing consecutive life sentences otherwise. Personally, I think there is nothing I want or need from any corporation anymore. This nation clings to these corporations because we have been fed basically a lie which says that technology is the saving grace of humanity. The funny thing is that I read in the book Wealth and Democracy that periods when technological innovations have happened in history, it leads to the rise of an elite and corruption follows in their wake. Take the railroads or the early oil industry as an example. I am not even a primitivist, but I think that we cling to technology like a drug addicted prostitute waits for her next hit of crack from her pimp. This is strong language, but we need to see ourselves for what we are. I think what we get in exchange for the pollution, the long work hours, the misery of this age isn't worth it. It isn't worth ruining this planet or risking these jerks getting almost like God-like power over our lives. Sure, this has been said, but not in this way. A cost to benefit ratio doesn't add up. What is the point of being able to create drugs which extend lives when we spew crap into the environment which takes far more. Worse, it isn't like any of us benefit anymore from the fruits of "progress." We are just tools to make that 4% those who have most all the assets happy, while we suffer. I just hope we fucking wake up before slavery becomes hip again. Sure, that's slippery slope thinking, but we have near zombies walking around these days believing lies as if they were truth. We say, "hey we don't have to think about climate change- those corporations and the technological paradise they offer will save us all- even if those technologies aren't invented yet."

The way we live is like someone who goes to the bar when they get their paycheck, and deciding it to spend it all there that night all in the hopes someone will lend them money they need to get by next week. It's insane.

Just the side effect 04.Sep.2009 05:19

Mike Novack

"This "Over-class", manipulates all aspects of our daily lives. They're neither republican, nor democrats. They're care not for conservatism, or liberalism. They created those monikers, to keep you, and me, conflicted and distracted."

Not quite. If you want to do this in terms of sociological analysis then this manipulation of our daily lives is just a side effect, not a prime motivation. What is happening is that members of the "over-class" (the subset of society from which leaders/rulers come) are competing WITH EACH OTHER, jockeying for a limited numbers of "seats". It's possession of the position that matters, not what you can do with it (manipulate us) nor what process gets you there (manipulate us).

A "system" doesn't require "intent" to function.

@M. Novack 08.Sep.2009 11:01

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

They do compete, but it's a gentleman's competition. If their conflict was significant, One side, would "Out" the other. Much like drug dealers competing in a neighborhood, both sides agree to limit the conflict, or it would destroy them both.