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Louisiana Road Home

3 years, 6.4 BILLION to Disperse 1.5 Billion of Relief

It's got to be a Louisiana Graft - Corruption - Fraud Record

Louisiana Road Home - 3 years, 6.4 BILLION to Disperse 1.5 Billion of Relief.
It's got to be a Louisiana Graft - Corruption - Fraud Record.

"LRA spokeswoman Christina Stephens offered assurances that the program will
meet its obligations. "Right now, we feel good we'll be able to fund what we
need to fund with the money we have, ..."

"...including $7.9 billion for the Road Home program, which provided cash grants
to people whose homes were damaged in the flooding."

April 9, 2009 - "The Road Home has paid $772 million to 26,680 homeowners so

"Once the state persuaded Congress to send another $3 billion to bail out Road
Home, and grant payout projections proved too high, officials decided the
program had $1 billion to restore the financing of elevation grants."

LRA - "The citizens of Louisiana can be proud of what has been established in
such a short period of time." http://www.kplctv.com/Global/story.asp?S=5390496

Who wouldn't want that contract? Who couldn't do a better job for MUCH LESS THAN

"Unfairly treated applicants include the following."

"Road Home Program applicants who were:
left in limbo in dispute resolution, appeals, or the PAL mediation for more than
4 months;

trying to appeal an RH mistake but not being allowed to;

having to appeal without important documents being accepted or considered by RH
looked that would show a mistake in your grant;

having an appeal denied but RH has not given a specific reason;

told or read the state's wrong appeal decision on their grant was final or that
if they lost a lawsuit and appeals they would have to pay the state's attorneys

discouraged from appealing because of misinformation from an ICF or RH person;
in limbo with their application made inactive with no notice when this was done
or explanation;

in limbo their application put in dispute resolution even though they were not
disputing the grant amount;
underfunded by RH doing additional determinations of their pre-storm value or
estimated cost of damage after notifying the applicant of their award amount
without the applicant requesting these and then having the grant amount
decreased due to these new determinations;

having to appeal without a copy of the applicant's file and thereby not being
able to appeal effectively;

being denied written information about the amount of the grant or why an appeal
or dispute was denied;

being forced to give up an appeal in progress to get an elevation grant;

being told that the applicant was qualified for an additional compensation grant
for low-income applicants and later told that they were not qualify despite
giving accurate information to RH;

underfunded because the grant amount decreased from what was in the grant
announcement at or just before closing without an adequate explanation;

being denied a full copy of the applicant's own file;
being told that their letters or papers were lost and asked to resend the same
information or documents more than twice;

in limbo with obvious uncorrected mistakes in the determination of :

o estimated cost of damage,

o the subtraction of insurance or FEMA benefits when they were not for
structural damage,

o the pre-storm value that you were not able to appeal;
waiting for more than 6 months for a specific answer:
o about denial of a grant that you can prove you should get according their

o about still waiting for an elevation grant that you can prove you should get
according their rules,

o promised funds won on appeal,

o about a mistake that RH made in the calculation of the applicant's grant."


"Ehrlich further encouraged homeowners to take the extra step of requesting
access to their entire Road Home file. Some applicants who have managed to see
their files have discovered that Road Home was collecting multiple estimates of
their home's pre-storm value -- and using the lowest one to calculate their
award, even though official program policies said the highest one was supposed
to be used, Ehrlich said.

She said she's been gathering dozens of examples of applicants who were denied
their right to their files -- sometimes, apparently, because they didn't refer
to the specific policy change that allowed them to do it. She said anyone
requesting their full file should reference policy CP-189(a) to hold the Road
Home to the new disclosure rules."


Ed Ward, MD