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Colonial Capitalism Reality

Neat little shops all laid out. Everything for sale by cash or plastic. Price not negotiable but payment is. Who's worth more than the money they spend?
Colonial Capitalist Reality

Neat little shops all laid out. Everything for sale by cash or plastic. Price not negotiable but payment is. Who's worth more than the money they spend?

Democracy's capitalism is based on the colonials destroying the Indigenous lands of Turtle Island for financial and material gain. Naturally, under their political/religious hierarchal system the authoritative elite exploit the middle class and enslave the bottom class. The self-proclaimed elite want to keep raking in millions while ruthlessly maintaining their oppressive system of privilege.

The purpose of their economic system was never intended to help people, only to oppress and control them. The ruling elite do not work.
They merely sit back and wait for the profits to roll in, while treating workers as slaves. They scream for more laws and police to protect their greedy interests. They have manipulated their economics to give less to the bottom classes.

Their democracy is breaking down and crumbling. Resistance by the public is growing, and police brutality is also on the rise. Martial law is also being imposed gradually to ensure that the parasitical elite do not suffer any financial losses.
In a frantic effort to keep the millions coming in the government and companies moved to "third world and developing nations" (where on-going colonialsm is rampant) for the next-to-nothing labour costs. With the reduced costs the profits increased for a short time and enabled them to increase production and keep prices down. These items are being sold at Walmart, Army & Navy, Dollar stores and other retail outlets.

Canada, the U.S., U.K., Germany, Russia, and other governments encourage the public to increase their spending and buying on credit.
This buying and selling increases the value of shares, but does not increase the value of assets.
For example, the real value of a house is $150,000. The market inflates the house value to $500,000. The government, banks, insurance companies and other middle men pocket the difference of $350,000 by passing the property around to each other, and bailing themselves out as if it is a $500,000 asset. If/when the owner defaults on the mortgage they immediately foreclose on the loan and seize the house.
These con artists have made money without investing a penny of their own.

The ruling elite use the same method to create monopolies through acquisitions and mergers. Companies are taken over and put out of business. Competition is eliminated and it allows the elite to maintain control of the market. With their billions in profit, they continue to buy other companies and small businesses to put them out of business. The general public is hit with more taxes to cover the fallout.
This results in a massive short time gain for the elite, while they ignore the needs of the public they claim to serve.

This old world political/religious system has always been and will always be parasitic and corrupt. The ruling elite will do anything to keep their class privilege. They control the money, state machinery, prisons, police and military.
The elite are forcing younger workers to accept two-tier working conditions. They want the younger workers to work harder and longer for less money and no benefits.
The pensions of older workers have been used by the elite for bad investments such as Bre-X and for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Stolen pension funds are also being used for commercial developing on Indigenous lands in India, South America, and elsewhere.
With their pensions squandered, older workers will be forced to accept two-tier working conditions as well.

The strategy of the ruling elite is massive layoffs, union busting, wage cuts, reduced or no benefits, no social safety net --- to control the money and the people. Millions of desperate unemployed workers are being made into an army of migrant slaves without any rights.
The middle class are being forced into poverty by the elite, swelling the numbers of poor and homelessness.
Democracy is collapsing and as the ruling elite attempt to cling to their fascist control, it will erupt into a revolution as the state uses the police and military to enforce martial law. The political/religious system of oppressive control is in a complete clash with the real needs of the public.

The colonial squatters on Occupied Turtle Island and other stolen Indigenous lands continue to lie to themselves that they are native to those lands.
Since the home invasion of 1492, the Indigenous people of Turtle Island have objected to the stain, decay and parasitism of the greedy colonials, particulary the ruling elite. Today we are still resisting the continuing destruction of our lands by the wasicu squatters.

The colonial wasicu need to come out of their shadow world. The land must be protected and everyone has to be looked after on an equalbasis.

The Indigenous people must stop the destruction of Turtle Island. We are the true caretakers of our lands and we have traditions where all people are equal, everybody has a voice and a full agreement in our decisions. We are Children of Earth, we walk upon the land.
We have true freedom which is based on our relationship with the natural world.
The time is coming soon when the Indigenous people will have to stand together and look after each other.
Stock up, grow gardens and stay strong!