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Peace Movement Elitism / Internet Error / Corporate Dominance

It's happened on Indy Media - open publishing is gone.
I can't believe it, but after watching thousands die in collapsing office buildings destroyed by those who were trusted to protect us and hearing that more than a million human beings were wiped off this planet in less than eight years by corporate profiteering (yeah, so what's new?), it's happened on Indy Media - open publishing is gone!

Two announcements were sent out to Indy Media Portland open publishing as a call for action (or non-action) as a one-day national strike to be held on Friday, 28 August 2009. Two attempts were made to have the announcements published and both failed. Indy Media Portland can claim it was NSA, CIA, FBI, or some other lettered government agency, but I think it was just a case of Peace Movement Elitism. The request for open publishing listed the author and the original Internet links to sources of information. The call for action was originally electronically published in the Huffington Post by Larry Flint, publisher of Hustler Magazine. Flint is a fighter for the free press, even though by occupation Larry Flint is pornographer and exploits both men and women for profit, but politicians do the same - exploit men, women, and even children for profit and also deliver nothing in return. Larry Flint is a fighter for the free press, but his call for action / non- action was not openly published, because he is not politically correct.

What saddens me in these days of increasing fascism with nothing, not even national weather being published in the main stream corporate media, is that the alternative "open press" is even more politically perverse than corporate media. All you so called liberals, progressives, and Democrats are the same as conservatives, reactionaries, and Republicans. There is no difference. You are all the same.

Instead of working together to make a better world and stopping one day to consider how we could build local community, the opportunity is gone. Its business as usual, enjoy the Internet, TV, or limited media access, a beer, glass of wine, cold drink or whatever. Enjoy. Rome is burning. Wake-up mother fuckers!!!