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Death of Ted Kennedy- MSM Continues the Kennedy Murder Coverups as America "Mourns".

Is there no end to the hypocrisy just under the surface as America canonizes the last remaining Kennedy brother?
November 22, 1963. A cabal consisting of the United States Military, the CIA, Cuban exiles, and the New Orleans Mafia Organization of Carlos Marcello murdered the President of the United States. They all got away with it, and are still covering up the awful details over 45 years later. The death of Senator Edward Kenedy has once again brought to our TV screens the indelible images of that awful morning. And the narration is exactly the same as it was that cold morning. "Killed by a lone nut named Oswald" "Shot fromt the 6th floor of the Book Depository", blah blah blah. Well, it's all a bunch of lethal lies that continue to pose as true history to this very day. History books, school books, TV and Movies all seem to agree that's what happened. Flukes like Oliver Stone's "JFK" shed a little light, but it's buried alive in the continuing avalanche of coverup that protects the guilty that still live. Even NPR just mentions in passing that JFK and RFK were "assassinated". No mention at all of the raging controversies surrounding the evidence. A sixth grader today would be hard pressed to know anything about the murders except that they happened. All these eulogies and tributes fail to include any reference to the hard proof that the officil version is wrong on every level. Like 911, these state crimes will be papered over out of continuing fear from the agencies that were involved. So cry for the Kennedys America, but don't forget that this whole public media-induced frenzy of mourning and tribute is nothing but a cheap shot stunt, pretending that the Kennedy's were murdered for someone's crazed personal reason instead of by a well organized plot of many high officials in government. It's our dirty disease that will never really be healed. And the evidence that JFK Jr.'s plane was sabotaged is pretty convincing too. Check out his story too at www.question911.com So sit back and mourn, but mourn for a nation that can't look itself in the mirror and see the truth after so many years.

regarding conspiracy theories 29.Aug.2009 15:00


from "Hard Left", Portland indy, 27.Jun.2009 12:48:

"Conspiracy theories, when stripped to their very core, all follow the same general narrative: "America was a great experiment in democracy and was going fine until the Free Masons/Jews/United Nations/Neo-conservatives/etc corrupted it and took power for themselves, oppressing and stealing from the average American" The heart of this is a strong belief in the American myth and the basic benevolence of the nation-state, minus the introduction of the conspirators. This nationalist sentiment is no different from the nationalism held by traditional conservative and far-right groups. This nationalism sets the primary goals of the conspiracy theory movement, which is a reclamation and protection of America and Americans, regardless of the cost to others. This nationalism is exemplified in the vocal support of many conspiracists like Alex Jones for anti-immigration causes like the Minutemen. Conspiracy theories are not part of a movement for the liberty and equality of all people everywhere, but rather a movement for the liberty and equality of all Americans, as defined by the conspiracy movement.

The conspiracy movement replaces meaningful community organizing with disempowering sensationalism and fear mongering. Instead of identifying the socialized and internalized oppressions in society and working to dismantle them and the structures that maintain them, conspiracy theories rely on an endless stream of sensationalized books and videos, waiting for a magical day when every one "wakes up." Moreover, the conspiracy movement absolves itself of the responsibility it bears for its own involvement in oppression. The central idea of conspiracies is that all problems and oppression stem directly from the cabal at the top. This ignores the complexity of oppression and the way all people internalize and take part in it. By scapegoating the problem on the conspirators, conspiracy theorists avoid self-critique or personal change. This oversimplified model can only perpetuate oppressions by not forcing people to examine their role and deconstruct the system of oppression."

Creep. 30.Aug.2009 14:05


Oh give me a break.

Why are you taking up space on this site, and in peoples' thoughts, with nonsense like this. Trying to distract people from real issues?