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meet the Greek anarchist arsonists

For many years now in Greece, and mostly in Athens, we hear about arson against various targets of the state.
For many years now in Greece, and mostly in Athens, we hear about arson against various targets of the state.

The most usual form of arson uses propane cans. It's exactly the same with those we have at home, at least here in Greece, for making coffee.

The wiring is simple : a few propane cans and a piece of cloth with which we encircle them , then we put the cloth in petrol, we fire it up and after a few minutes there's an explosion! The damage that can be done from this explosion depends on the number of cans we use.

I started searching the INTERNET for these "groups" , their number after the December riots has gone really high , we talk for more than 50 different groups that operate all over Grece .Many of these groups hit for once and disappear forever, while others rename themselves. They're from Athens, Thesaloniki, Ksanthi, Kavala, Patras, Hania, Heraklio, Mytilini, Yannena...

Here're some groups that took direct action in 2009:

* Summer Entropy Commandos
* Summer Tranquility Disturbance
* Arsonists' Collective
* Arsonists with dirty consciousness
* Anomie Cores "carpe noctum"
* "Zero Tolerance" Organization
* Solidarity Paths in Light
* Insurrectionary Consciousness
* Fighting Solidarity
* Conspiracy of the Fire Cores
* Immoral Vandals
* Antifascist Attack Cores
* Commandoes - Solidarity Memory
* Attack groups for the liquidation of the nation
* Fire Path Group
* Non-Patriot Saboteurs - Cores for the Spreading Insecurity
* Fire Shadows (they sabotaged the HSAP city trains)
* Revolutionary Consciousness
* "Fire Solidarity" (Hania)
* Anarchist Attack Group "Alexandros Grigoropoulos"
* Anomie's Contract / Erebus' Ambassadors
* Comandos Husscheyn Zhachyndhoul Jhachanghir / Revolutionary Intelligence Agency
* Morning Sabotage Group
* comando mauricio morales duarte.chile 22-5-09
* Syndicate for short-circuiting the system
* Antisexist Group
* Immediate Intervention Hood-wearers
* Coalition of Arsonists - Security Project / Night Arsonist Groups
* Council for the de-structualization of Order / Coalition of Arsonists
* Wild Wolves
* Night Arsonists from Halkida
* Conspiracists for the realization of insecurity
* Immoral City De-Structuralists
* Revolutionary Cores Alliance - Speedy Arsonist Agency
* Fire Cores Conspiracy / Nihilist Commandos
* Night Attack
* Destroyers of whatever is left of social peace
* Manières à la Liberté & Max Stirner Fighting Cores
* Consciousness Gangs
* Perama Extremists
* Revolutionary Match
* Arsonanarchist Strike
* Night Arsonist Groups
* Sectarians of Revolution
* Council for the de-structualization of Order
* Happy Sleep's Apostates
* Criminals of Thought and Action, 31/3/2009
* Delta Group (Disturbance of Order and Control)
* Arsonists' Millennium Cooperation
* Attack Group "Catherine Gulioni" (she was a prisoner killed by the state)
* Practical Anarchists
* Revolutionary Action for Freedom
* Organizers of Night Entertainment
* CHAOS: Chaotic Groups of Sabotage
* De-Structruralization Cores
* Nikola Tesla Commandos
* Carnivalists in the tune

Antisexist Group they are very good since they attack on a "studio" with girls that u have to pay 4 love ...all the "teams" are really made from intelligent people who fight against the enemys of freedom .

the above teams salut each other on almost every hit they do throught the "texts" they upload after the hit somewhere and ofcousre they explain the reasons why they are bombing a politician house

Conspiracy of Fire NUCLEI they now upgrade and they use real bombs after the small fire bombs

Fire Shadows also are very strong and I think they hit in more than one city as they are many everywhere ...

"mesollogites" in athens city and "street attack" in thessaloniki city are two "riot teams" that attack often with coctail molotovs againts riot police .
They are like duzens and the fight for freedom also .

guerrilla with no guns in greece

ps: Sectarians of Revolution use guns and few months ago executed
a policeman who was serving anti-terrorism departmen
so they are like the no1 now .

a hit made from "messologiou riot team" u ll find it here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAHaWHzPKS0&feature=channel_page

athens greece


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