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The United States Now Validates Its Image: The Ominous & Ubiquitous Enemy of Mankind

The people must be prepared for the expansion of the United States of America's global war .
The United States Now Validates Its Universal Image As The Ominous & Ubiquitous Enemy of Mankind

As I have shown the rogue and murderous government of the United States of America (USA) is primed for a new and anticipated attack on its territory; this insidious state of readiness for expanding the global war is well planned in order to justify the next bloody phase of its formulated New World Order regime. Indeed the USA invites the next violent assault here for strategic purposes.


Understandably, the people are not prepared for complete global chaos which accompanies the USA imminent war on the world, and many of us suffer and die in most unanticipated and horrific ways.


After the initial attack on the USA, or its allies, panic rules the day in the USA; people die by the millions, financial markets collapse and close; martial law is welcomed by the remaining populace, neighbors kill each other, the fbi/cia/pentagon/police have carte blanche authority to exterminate and imprison suspects and accused 'trouble makers'; pervasive retaliation ensues in every corner of the earth.

Traditional USA political allies must fend for themselves initially, as the revolt against fascism takes hold and governments are overthrown around the globe. The outlaw nation of '? Isreal' at long last has the ultimate opportunity to prove to the world that God chooses their race and nation above all others for most favored status. Meanwhile, nations targeted by the USA for annihilation may include Iran, N. Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Venezuela, Honduras, Burma , Viet Nam, etc. Many of the cutthroat regimes friendly to the evil USA governing assassins have implied free reign from the USA to slaughter millions of their indigenous people (et al.) to restore some semblance of order. Such countries include India, Russia, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopa, Colombia, Somalia, the Balkan states, and others. The methods for the global holocaust resemble those of past wars, but in the aftermath a whole new set of killing/torturing techniques obtain:


No time is allowed in the aftermath to talk of accountability and no promise of a restoration of civil and human rights are possible:

The voices of activism vanishes, as do the ideas of human decency and world peace, The fbi/cia/pentagon and their underground network of heathens rule the world.



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