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Obama & the Left: Different Perspectives on Social Change Today

Public Meeting

Thursday, August 27th.
Portland State University,
Smith Center Room 228
Millions of people looked forward to Barack Obama's presidency with a sense of pride and hope. But Obama's first 100 days have raised critical questions about the limits of what we can expect from a Democrat in the White House--and what it will take to get the change we want. How do we organize for a progressive agenda with a Democrat in the White House? This panel of Left activists will offer different perspectives for social change today.


Robin Hahnel, is a radical economist and political activist. He is Professor Emeritus at American University in Washington, D.C. where he taught in the Department of Economics from 1976 - 2008.

Tom Leedham, is a member of Teamsters Local 206 and a long-time fighter for union democracy. He has run three times for international president as a Teamsters for a Democratic Union-backed candidate and is an active member of the Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee.

Jenka Soderberg, is a local journalist and organizer who has supported struggles for justice and against neoliberal policies and economic imperialism from Chiapas to Palestine. She represents the Oregon Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid.

Tasha Triplett, is a student and activist at Portland State University. She is a member of International Socialist Organization and Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights.

Camille White-Avian, is a student and activist at Portland Community College. She is a founding member of the Portland Equal Rights Coalition, which recently formed to fight for full LGBT equality.

Sponsored by Haymarket Books, International Socialist Organization, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, Portland Equal Rights Coalition, Portland Jobs with Justice

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