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VIDEO: Brian Willson "Speaking Event" 7.23.09 Portland Oregon

I broke the video from that event into short 10 minute or less clips.
This was a very interesting conversation, well worth listening to.
Brian Willson shares some inspiring and motivating ideas with a group of around 50 people in a speaking event at the First Unitarian Church on war resisting and activism.
Brian Willson Portland Oregon 7.23.09
Brian Willson Portland Oregon 7.23.09

Brian Willson Speaking Event [10 video clips]
A fundraiser speaking event in Portland Oregon for pdxvenezuela peace & media Delegation that is going to Venezuela in September 2009.

At this speaking event Brian tells us what he has been doing as he deals with war(s) and his involvement in peace activism. An inspiring discussion as he shares his personal views and insights. He tells about the train that hit him and the men who were driving it, as well as other experiences of his, that are emotional and to the activist listener ....motivational.

"Dan Shea & Megan Hise" Introduction

"The Begining of My New Life" part 1

"The Train " part 2

"I Cant Wait for Congress" part 3

"Taking Pins Off The Map" part 4

"Learning My First Lesson in Resistance" part 5

"One of Those Moments" part 6

"I'm a Pacifist" part 7

"The Tax Man" part 8

"Breaking Obedience" part 9 The End

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