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Conservatives' Forum (Healthcare)

U-Choose, according to it's flyer "is an issues based political team committed to ignite, energize, and mobilize those who wish to return to the principles of the founding documents of this nation", tonight hosted a resource fair and/both lively discussion on healthcare reform issues.
This is Martha Perez, reporting to you live from the New Ambridge Center, where tonight a packed audience listened to a panel of speakers discuss the issue of healthcare reform, from the perspective of medical doctors and/both insurance. A resource fair preceded the lecture, and included affiliated organizations such as: Americans for Prosperity, Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon 912 Chapter of Lake Oswego, Taxpayers Association of Oregon, the GOP for Oregon state, as well as GOP from Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties. Also present, was the effort to recall Mayor Sam Adams. Various other petitions, opposing the current HB 2009 (Healthcare Reform - State of OR), legislation that was passed earlier this year in Salem, circulated.

I've just been informed by organizers, that a signature gathering event will be taking place on Monday, September 7th at Pioneer Courthouse Square, starting at 5pm. The purpose of the event is to address certain tax referendums and/both organize several actions to stop tax increases, while also holding elected officials accountable. This event is sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, Oregon 912 Project and Concerned Oregonians. For more information, the flyer says to visit: www.OregonTeaParty.com

Reporting to you from NE Portland, this is Martha Perez, General Political Activist/Healthcare Researcher.

such a strange grouping of issues 25.Aug.2009 13:48

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

perhaps it's a conservative roundtable? This seems like a strange place for the "teabagger" groups. It's common knowledge, that these groups are backed by people they aren't even aware of.

let's just go over a few:

stopping healthcare reform: Health insurance companies have piled millions of dollars into these groups, along with lobbyists to derail healthcare reform. They stand to lose BILLIONS of dollars of your income, should a public option come available

Recalling Mayer Samual Adams: Various religiously backed conservative organizations, that would love to remove Portland's first openly gay mayor in shame.

Americans for Prosperity: who's prosperity? I suspect it's not yours.

The Oregon GOP: 'nuff said.

I figured by now, conservatism would have been revealed for what it really is. It's a great method, of making a few people very, very wealthy. Through debt, health insurance scams, media, and government control, while giving the impression to the masses that they're looking out for them.