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We Gight Capitalism, Not the Crisis of Capitalism

Capitalism has proven it cannot end wars, prevent crises and make possible a good life for all people. Instead of solidarity, the capitalist social system teaches us envy and egoism. We should be mirror-reflections of broken principles. Now those who have privatized the state cry for state bailout packages. This speech is from the March 28, 2009 demonstration in Germany.

By www.grundrisse.de

[This speech from the mass demonstration in Germany on March 28, 2009 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web,  http://www.grundrisse.net/grundrisse30/die_rede_auf_der_Demo.htm.]

What seemingly began as a problem of several US mortgage banks is the worst crisis of capitalism since 1929. The 1929 crisis continued until it was superseded by something more terrible. National socialism, fascism and the 2nd World War with millions of dead, even more casualties and industrially organized mass murder of millions followed. In this way, capitalism solves its imminent crises.

When we look at the US and large parts of Europe in the postwar period, we see reconstruction joined with the hope for a better life in capitalism. However wage development stagnated in the 1970s, inflation increased and unemployment rose. Since the 1980s we have been put off with one austerity package after another. A greater economic boom will follow a greater crisis. In the economic boom, unemployment will not disappear and our incomes will not soar. If we look beyond the plate of highly industrialized states, we see that Africa and Latin America were covered with wars and military dictators since 1945. Diverse resistance also arose against this.

When middle class economists compare the present crisis with the crisis of 1929, we ask: What will the next 80 years be like after this crisis?

Capitalism has proven:

it cannot end wars,

it cannot prevent crises, and

it cannot make possible a good life for all people.

The conquest of the world by the capitalist mode of production means exploitation, impoverishment, hunger, war and destruction of nature and its resources.

All people who could still provide themselves with food a few decades ago are now dependent on corporations and development assistance.

Instead of solidarity, the capitalist social system teaches us envy and egoism. We should be mirror reflections of broken principles.

We live in a class society. Unequal property and income conditions are produced and cemented. In the rich countries, racist distinctions are made between "citizens" and "non-citizens." Migrants are forced to do poorly paid work under precarious conditions.

Capitalism reproduces and uses patriarchal structures. Women are exploited as unpaid house workers, family- and nursing workers in low wage sectors and in the sex industry.

Patriarchal structures pervade all social classes.


Capitalism's essential characteristic is that we people acquire social wealth but cannot control the means of production, the means of information and the products of our work. The decisions about what, how much and how production occurs are left to private capital. Work is forced on most of us whose organization and execution are not defined by us.

The demand for regulation of financial markets or nationalization of banks aims at restoring the so-called normal capitalist state. The goal of capitalism - whether in the financial or in the production sector - is the appropriation of our labor to draw profit.

If we were committed for decades to Keynesianism to prevent further crises, then we also pestered for decades that neoliberalism sweep away our worries. Now those who privatized the state cry for state bailout packages.

The middle class state is the guarantee that this madness will continue since no emancipatory development can be made with it. The foundation of all middle class parties is the maintenance of the state capitalist order. Parliamentary democracy means nothing but giving up our own interests and life decisions.

We also expect nothing from unions organized as social partnerships. They accept exploitation conditions between labor and capital to block any emancipatory potential that we could develop in labor struggles.

This society has the material means and the know-how to make possible a good life in dignity for everyone. Should we watch as factories are shut down only because a balance sheet is red? Should we let apartments be vacant only because speculators yearn for higher rents? We could takeover and manage ourselves factories, houses and apartments that we need. We don't want to do boring and meaningless paid labor 8 hours a day or more to survive. We do not need any nation states that separate us artificially from each other. We don't need any foreigner laws! We don't need to compete with each other. We can decide ourselves what, when, how much and under what conditions we produce. We can apportion all socially necessary activities among ourselves. But to that end we must abolish the capitalist system!

What we need right away is resolute resistance against all austerity plans at our expense.

We are in solidarity with the struggling teachers, with the struggling postal workers here and with all struggling people worldwide who fight against exploitation and oppression.

Therefore we are here today"

We - as an anti-capitalist block - are not content with existing conditions.

Social revolution is necessary and possible worldwide!

Not a penny for banks and conglomerates!

Capitalists, politicians, bankers, managers and bosses - you can all get lost!!

We wont pay for your crisis!



"The Quiet Coup" by Simon Johnson:





"Is This Really the End of Neoliberalism?" by David Harvey



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