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imperialism & war | political theory

A 2008 film of militant resistance to Imperialism, "Der Baader Meinhof Complex"

It's 1967, The Vietnam War has been a nightmare for 8 years, the Weather Underground formed out of the Students for a Democratic Society in the States, and the Red Army Faction begins to terrify Germany's bourgeoisie with prison-breaks, bombings, assassinations and airplane hi-jacking. Radical journalist Ulrike Meinhof and revolutionary Andreas Baader rally the support of over 7 million German citizens. They are known to their adversaries as "Der Baader Meinhof Komplex".
This is a link for Trespass Magazine's review - trespassmag.com/?p=2542

I implore people to see it and understand the use of violence in revolutionary struggle for the sake of countless unnamed victims of for-profit corporate wars under the various banners of political ideology, religious impetus and racial superiority. War-mongers should never feel safe in our society. An ever-present likelihood, more than risk, of assassination is one unfortunately necessary, yet considerably influential tactic. Policy makers continue to fill their bank accounts with the lifetimes of the exploited masses. Many say "money is the root of all evil", I say "evil is the root of all money". Currency is a voucher for time enslaved to a cultural value system.

By the way, non-violence begins with breakfast. Go Vegan!