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Saifee Durbar: A Plan for African Self-Sufficiency

Saif Durbar, based in London, plans to span Africa with an east-west railroad, enhancing the continent's self sufficiency and aiding the people of Darfur!
London-based businessman Saifee Durbar has a novel approach to making Africa self sufficient.

Durbar plans to span Africa by linking Sudan in the east with Cameroon in the west with a railroad that goes through the Central African Republic.

Minerals and other raw materials found in the Central African Republic will be used to construct the railroad.

Saif Durbar sees this project as a completion of the vision for African ascendancy that started with the Suez Canal.

Project updates can be found at:





homepage: homepage: http://africanrail.wordpress.com

An Example for Wall Street 20.Sep.2009 06:05

where's my bailout?

I really liked this story. Saifee Durbar must have a very large heart. He's not like those people on Wall Street paying themselves bonuses with bailout money and laughing at everyone else.

I wish Mr. Durbar the best of luck with his projects.