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Animal Rights/Animal Welfare Letter Writing Group Meeting

Letter-writing activists are invited to an animal rights letter-writing group. The meeting for this month is August 12, 2009, 7 to 8:30 pm at 3291 NE Irving Street, Portland, 97232. The writing topic is the slaughter of sealions on the Columbia River by the ODFW. Cat, from Sealion Defense Brigade, is facilitating this writing effort for the sealions.
Letter-writing activists, please feel welcome to attend a meeting this Wednesday, August 12, from 7 to 8:30 pm. The meeting is held at my home here in Portland. Cat, from Sealion Defense Brigade, will be leading the group and she is very knowledgable about the complex issues and needed efforts to save the lives of our sealions.

Please come join us and be a voice for the sealions!

WHAT: Monthly Letter Writing Group
WHEN: Wednesday, August 12, 7pm
WHERE: 3291 NE Irving Street, Portland, 97232
PROVIDED: Clipboards and paper for writing; pens, stamps envelopes.

Bring your laptop, if you have one and want to use it for letter writing, but a laptop is NOT necessary!

PLEASE RSVP to Jane at  jbicquette@gmail.com or 503-380-4647.

Directions: Our home is located near NE 32nd and NE Glisan. Burnside Bus #20, Glisan Bus #19 and Sandy Bus #12 will get you to an easy walking distance to our home.

Vegan snacks and drinks provided!

For the animals, for the sealions,
jane frances bicquette