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Solidarity from Cascadia to Caracas Event /Joe Anybody Vidoes from the Front Lines

A peace & media delegation with Central America is having a celebration & fundraiser video and speakers and music event. August 15 at 4 pm - Everyone is invited. The featured video by Joe Anybody covers topics about recent anti war activism and human rights issues in the Cascadia region.
Cascadia to Caracas Flyer
Cascadia to Caracas Flyer
press release
press release
Independent Media Videographer Joe Anybody is showing a 75 minute video this Saturday at 4pm.
The event is a fundraiser to send a Peace & Media Delegation on Venezuela on September 3.
It is open to the public and is free to all with donations greatly appreciated but not necessary.

Hi my name is really Mike... . I have been filming for a few years here in the Portland Cascadia Region.
I am working with PCASC who is helping organize this trip to Caracas. I am on this delegation.

Most of the video I have are posted on the internet, I post them right here, on Portland Indy Media.
Where "you can be the media" where the story gets told with no corporate spin!!
I am filming under the name "Joe Anybody" the 70 min video I am showing is "Videos from the Front-Lines"

(Wednesday morning *note)
On KBOO 90.7 fm I will be on the program "political perspectives" on Wednesday morning
This is being broadcasted on "community radio" (independent media) sometime during the 9am to 10am time frame on 8.12.09.
Josh from KBOO was the person who interviewed me about the Cascadia to Caracas video and my filming interests.
>> The website for KBOO is here:  http://kboo.fm/listen
>> To stream the program for the first time you may need to download their "player"

Most of the videos I have are political related, many are covering Human Rights and Civil Rights. I am trying to document the anti war movement, and the GI Resisters movements. I am also documenting the Peace movement and many other social justice issues revolving around "homeless issues and police accountability" (Human Rights) just to name a few of the interesting areas that I am trying to report on by using "independent media" (in the absence of the corporate media and their own agendas)I have a couple interesting scenes of me filming the police as they film me (?)(and/or take my camera)

I have filmed at the yearlong "Impeach bush & cheney" Vigil at which was weekly every Thursday at noon, in NE Portland outside the office of Representative Earl Blumenauer for House District 3.

The event on Saturday will have two speakers from Evergreen college who recently returned from Caracas to share their experiences and give us firsthand information, of the independent media in Venezuela and farming culture and its advancements. We will also introduce our own members of the PDX Venezuela delegation to the audience.

After the featured video there will be some LIVE music playing and socializing/refreshments while I play two video simultaneously on the side walls whereupon folks can watch <or not> or talk while the "side videos play" The side videos are for extra viewing that contains great footage but was not in the 70 min video.

The side videos are:
(1) Seriously Pissed Off Grannies Protest Videos
(2) Impeachment videos Weeks 1 - 8

The Cascadia to Caracas Event starts at 4 pm on August 15th Saturday. It is being held at the Portland Art Museums in the Mark Building, in the Miller Gallery off to the right from the Lobby.

Stop in to help show support for Portland's Independent Media grassroots efforts and to build solidarity in the peace & justice movement.

For more information check our delegation homepage:  http://www.pdxVenezuela.org
Or check on my website:  http://www.joe-anybody.com/id145.html
A press release is attached separately.
A video trailer for my video is here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNRIVa_e7-g

Stop By on Saturday and just celebrate with us

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

KBOO interview 14.Aug.2009 09:15

Joe Anybody

This link is to the KBOO community radio 90.7 FM program where I was interviewed on 8.13. regarding the film I am showing and some of the issues and projects I have been covering in the peace & justice movement.

This mp3 file is 19 minutes long.

 link to zebra3report.tripod.com

The file is also available as a download on my website <homepage:> link below

Cascadia to Caracas Event was Great! 15.Aug.2009 23:29

joe anybody

over 100 people showed up the room was full

the event was successful

great speakers from Evergreen College

great music

we drank all the beer

ate all the food

i was told the video was "great"

nice art work in the room, shared by a veteran artist activist friend

everyone working together to make this happen, provided a good informative time

lots of thanks to museum folks who were great in supporting this event

if you missed it, a video from the event coming soon to indy media on this thread

Solidarity = Love

Anti-Corporate Media
Anti-Corporate Media

VIDEO: Cascadia to Caracas Introduction 16.Aug.2009 18:06

joe anybody

6 minute introduction before the video


Lost your notes after the event 17.Aug.2009 00:27

pdxVenezuela staff

anyone loose a black notebook?