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Ride Report: Monthly Vegan Dinner Bike Ride

One vegan's perspective of the ride
Last friday, 6 hungry veg-friendly cyclists pedaled our bikes to the lovely new Vita Cafe. We enjoyed our yummy eats and good conversation. Meeting new folks in our community is always fun, especially when you share common interests. We ate our share of vegan nachos(free from the friendly Vita folks), biscuits & gravy, coconut soup, tofu dishes, buffalo burritos and pasta, and beer of course. Unfortunately, there was no room for vegan cake in our stuffed bellies. So we decided to take a stroll on the bikes down to the Bye & Bye vegan-friendly bar, to wet our whistles with the famous "ByeBye" drink. Good times were had by all, and we look forward to the next ride.

We were inspired for this monthly ride from the vegan baked goods ride during Pedalpalooza. So if you enjoyed that ride, I can ensure you will like this one! I hope to see more peeps on the ride next month to continue to make more connections with people, the animals and the planet. Next ride is on Friday, Sept 4th, we meet at Laurelhurst Park (Se 39th and SE Stark) on the north side of the duck pond at 6:30 p.m., and ride to a location that promises tasty vegan food or to a potluck spot, then we'll continue the night out with another ride to a bar, cafe, or other fun spot.

You DO NOT have to be vegan to join the ride (we do not discriminate against the veg-curious or anyone who just likes good food and good company), but please do not bring any meat to our tables.

Bring friends!

Friday, Sept 4th
6:30 p.m.
Laurelhurst Park (SE 39th and SE Stark) on the north side of the duck pond

For more info:

Jesse:  puddlesinportland@yahoo.com
Jill:  flogthebog@yahoo.com