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Radical Faeries lay Burnside and Hay to rest: Welcome home one last time

At 8 pm PST at the Radical Faerie Sanctuary in Southern Oregon. Radical Faeries at their annual summer gathering each were given a handful of crematorial remains (of John Burnside and Harry Hay) which in unison were released to the land, thus bringing these seminal figures of gay rights home one last time.

John Burnside passed away this last fall, surviving Harry by a number of years. The life partners were among the original founders of the Radical faeries, and Harry Hay was one of the initial agitators for queer rights, as founder of the Mattachine Society, the first gay rights advocacy organization since the fall of the German Vidmar republic, agitating in a world before Stonewall. Both life-long critics of Capitalism, and the commercialization of the gay culture and the commodification of gay men, as well as Advocates of "subject-subject" consciousness.

They will be missed, but will never be silent.
They are survived by innumberable free faggots all around the world.

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