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Roger & Me

Shapeshifting in the modern day
Roger & Me (a frog story)

In this case, Roger was Dr. Roger Molander, senior scientist for the RAND corporation. Me, well it doesn't matter. Think of a little beneficial bug that lives in a garden. We are not very important, because we do not live very long. One thing must be corrected about the perception of beneficials. Insect pests are also beneficials because they weed out plants that look okay, but are not designed for the local environment. If you want to give me a name, call me Mowgli. Frogs provide invaluable service until they are captured and slowly boiled in a pot. That is what Roger did to me and I never knew it for twenty years.
Consider Roger part of the cadre of Economic Hitmen popularized by John Perkins. Roger presented himself as a peace activist - first strike peace initiative to the Soviet Union - destabilize the cominterns. Coupled with economic pressure, that would collapse the U.S.S.R. It was never about peace. It was about advancing the takeover of the United States by International Corporate Control. Like any good scientist, Dr. Molander needed test subjects. Dr. Molander arranged through his defense connections that I would be marginalized in my professional career. What he never took into account was my other nature. Shapeshifters have spirit allies. Not only was I Mowgli, I was also cougar, Balam Ma. It was that terrifying silent aspect that Roger never took into account.
I was forced to move from place to place as surveillance established that I was becoming too effective. I would identify border control of U.S. citizens, recruitment of teenagers as military foot soldiers by dumbing down curriculum and eliminating critical thinking from science education. Like a frog, it would get a little warm, and I would move to a cooler spot, but always within a contained and controlled enviroment.
How I came to determine psychoactive mood modification, remote viewers, psyops disinfo campaigns, - well, little frogs learn a lot when moved around. Here is another interesting tidbit about frogs, little understood by western scientists, but very relevant to shapeshifting. There is a toad commonly found across the United States that has a single stripe down the middle of its back. When courtin' day arrives, it moves down to a body of water to sing its melodies of love. Since all sorts of things like to eat toads, as ugly as they are, many animals including toads have evolved a device to project their surrounding environment as a field mask around their body. This is different from chromatophores that expand and contract like a chameleon to match the enviroment. It is based upon an internal mechanism found in predator and prey alike that senses and projects electromagnetic fields.
When Dr. Molander and his friends forced me to retire from my profession, the coolest spot in the pot was on an organic farm. Unfortunately for Molander, it was where another frog lived who was also a shapeshifter. This particular frog had a father who had developed hardware for IBM. The son also founded a cell of SDS on his own way to becoming marginalized. What us two frogs confirmed was the present effort of Corporate takeover. If people could grow their own food, eat healthy - well Big Pharma would go out of business, populations of thinking adults would explode, and price fixing would be weakened.
What these Medusa, hydra-like, creatures fear most is exposure. Then all the world can see how these honorable gentlemen, peace activists, senior scientists at RAND are more than they seem. By the solitary nature of cougar, marginalization is an ineffective ploy. A cougar thrives in solitude and stalks its prey relentlessly. Fear is not in the make-up of cougar. Sometimes dogs would sense this aspect and turn tail for no apparent reason that their owners could discern. Of course, dog saw its mortal enemy cougar lurking behind the presence of human form.
The day came when Roger was sated. He had power, wealth, and the envy of all citizens, both good and evil. Really he was just fattened as dinner for cougar, who had learned to live on little and found pleasure in small things. Why strive for possession of a yacht, plane, or mansion when a new pair of boots to replace an old favorite would do just as well? The fire of desire burned within Dr. Molander, but he had cooked his own goose. Let the cougar feast begin.

Balam Ma