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Activists take Hawthorne! (Single Payer)

Healthcare advocates march along SE Hawthorne in Portland, arriving at the Bagdad Theatre to a sold-out crowd there to watch and participate in the Ed Schultz Single Payer show (on MSNBC).
I'm Martha Perez, reporting to you live from the Ed Schultz show, this evening at the Bagdad Theatre, where a few hundred healthcare activists have descended upon the Hawthorne District, passionately rallying for an overwhelmingly Single Payer healthcare plan. There is a media presence, along with several dozen photographers/videographers/writers.

During the show itself, debate at times became heated, argumentative, and emotional. Senator Jeff Merkley made a surprise appearance, attempting to connect with the inflamed audience, but the tension was so thick at times, a knife cut through the suffocating air. An especially poignant moment resulted, when Dr. Herman Frankel, MD, announced the breaking news that Nancy Pelosi, would ensure that Single Payer be included for debate, before the healthcare reform table in Washington, DC., to come later on.

Dr. Frankel's direct message to all advocates was "don't give up", which accorded a standing ovation and applause. He also went on to say that August was the month for a series of daily, intentional action focused on Single Payer healthcare. The show concluded with a lively Q & A session.

Reporting to you live from SE Portland, this is Martha Perez, General Political Activist/Healthcare Researcher.