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Joe Anybody - video trailer

I have put together a 3 minute trailer from the video that I will be showing on 8.15.09
This clip has a few out takes from the 70 minute final version
Joe Anybody
Joe Anybody "Videos from the Front-Lines" on 8.15.09 event
I am excited to put this out

A few months in the makings...

Here is the Link to the trailer for my video that will be shown on August 15 at the Portland Art Museum (miller galery)
I am doing this to raise funds to support a delegation I am on that is going to Venezuela on Sept 3rd for ten days
The delegation is a Peace & Media Delegation, that is working under PCASC

More info is on the Indy Media calendar and on all our blogs and webpages
Check my website link below for all the links

This video was put together and ispired by the spirit of "portland independent media"

This is going to be a fun event...the video is covering local peace and justice events
There will be Speakers back from Venezuela, Live music, videos, refreshments, light snacks, and plenty of networking/solidarity
Stay tuned to (((portland independent media))) for more Information

The event is free and nobody turned away for lack of funds

((( i )))
Joe Anybody

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id145.html

PIMC calendar link 29.Jul.2009 23:55

Ben Waiting

Here is the indy calendar link to the "Cascadia to Caracas, Videos from the Front-Lines" event


CASCADIA TO CARACAS Press Release 02.Aug.2009 22:35

PDXvenezuela info@pcasc.net

Shizuko Hashimoto

Delegates from the Portland Venezuela Peace and Media delegation are hosting a fundraiser to support their upcoming trip to Venezuela. The event will feature two students from Evergreen College who just returned from a trip to Venezuela. Also featured will be a film by Joe Anybody, Cascadia to Caracas, the first part of his two-part series.

The trip's focus is part of a mission to introduce US peace activists to the variety of organizational forms and actions that the Venezuelan people have built to achieve their political objectives. By learning from these examples, anti-war activists will be better prepared to creatively respond to the challenges that lie ahead in the US.

"This trip is an important connection to peace and justice activities in an area that has seen an increase in community organizing" says Joe Anybody, one of the delegation's videographers who will be filming the delegation in action. " In documenting the delegation's trip, I want to share what I learn in Venezuela with the people in Portland when I return. I want to capture and share the organizing struggles of the people of Venezuela. I'm excited to see firsthand what's going on and to report back."

Joe Anybody is a Portland independent media videographer who has been making films about human rights issues for over 5 years. He films activism of groups such as Seriously Pissed-Off Grannies, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, PDXpeace, Peace and Justice Works, PPRC, Individuals For Justice, Portland Copwatch and other important human rights events in the Pacific Northwest.

The Portland Venezuela Peace and Media delegation is part of a larger delegation to Venezuela hosted by PCASC, the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee. PCASC, a Portland-based nonprofit organization, has been working for peace and justice in the Portland area and in solidarity with Latin America for over 30 years,

When: Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 4 PM
Where: In the Miller Gallery, Mark Bldg. - 1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, Ore., 97205
Cost: $5-10 suggested donation - nobody turned away

For more information please visit our website at: