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Nicolas Ungar Furs Update and Backlog

During the last 8 months there have been weekday demonstrations, Monday-Friday 1-5pm, out front of the last remaining fur salon downtown because the skin trade includes cage crazed creatures in thousands of pens on fur factory farms or trapping. The methods of killing include neck-breaking, stomping, gassing, anal & vaginal electrocution. That equates to excruciating pain for innocent beings and is just plain vile cruelty! Several awesome information sites exist to give full details of the fur industry and a pro fur forum site is also important to see so that the unconscionably ignorance psychology of fur enthusiasts is clearly visible.
pro torture & murder for their fur site: thefurden.com

honest portrait of the fur industry: furkills.org

upcoming documentary exposing fur fashion as bloody cruelty: skintradethemovie.com

For the local back-story:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/06/392069.shtml?discuss

And here is the midweek report from SW 12th & Yamhill, outside Nicolas Ungar Furs:

MONDAY was average, two dozen fresh prunes, Indian cuisine & iced vegan chai contributed by a local food vendor!D

TUESDAY Kai, (the salon owner's baby boy, flesh & blood, geeky German genetics) turned severely upset that the demonstrators were given a generous plate of chilled strawberries. When he was told that gifts like that come frequently to those who stand up for innocent lives and kowtow to conscience (and furriers wouldn't be offered any), he attempted to take the camera filming him away from the person using it. Next, his decrepit dad (Horst Grim, owner of Ungar) tried to get at the camera and also harassed the protester. Touching someone else despite their expressed opposition is harassment. After being reviewed by lawyers that video will likely pop up here!

WEDNESDAY we received more strawberries and learned that a cop visited the food vendor this morning to say that (paraphrased) "the owners of Nicolas Ungar Furs dislike that you give the protesters free, fresh, chilled strawberries & iced chai, please cease & desist your generosity henceforth, and in reverence to my authority on this turf, because I embody the consensus of moral rectitude for Portland's diverse citizenship". Criminalization of dissent and persecution of mutual aide is the trademark of cruel corporate fascism in "our" U.S.A. today. The police state exists to enforce the agenda of the corporate welfare state including the most heinously abusive animal exploitation businesses.

Any action to save innocent lives from suffering is gallant. If a 106 year local fur salon seems trivial then step it up to the big kahunas. Vivisectors like Huntingdon Life Sciences- shac.net and shac7.com -are up the status strata. There is a cultural revolution occurring right now, rise up and act! See you in the streets!

Or think global, act local:

SW 12th & Yamhill, MON-FRY 1-5pm

oh man, 30.Jul.2009 00:41


kudos to you folks for protesting out in the 106 degree heat for the past few days. You folks are an inspiration and put most of us to shame. Thanks for all you do.

And since when the hell is it the job of police to tell vendors that they can't give free food to whomever they want? I think this should go further. Please contact attorneys Stu Sugarman or Paul Loney and see if there's anything that can be done. That's police abuse of authority, I believe.