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Vaccine Nation

Mercury and Cancer viruses are IN THE FLU SHOTS!
 link to video.google.com

1976 Swine Flu Scare 29.Jul.2009 12:44

Superhawk superhawkcontest@live.com

We've seen this hype / propaganda / outright lie before:

Thank you for posting this! 29.Jul.2009 16:14


Good job!

hmm 01.Aug.2009 12:22


I guess smallpox and polio arn't THAT bad....

Fear is good business 02.Aug.2009 16:30

Rabbi Lynn Kesselman

The drugs industry has developed the marketing strategy of creating overblown and highly exaggerated fears of real or imagined viruses and other pathogens in order to peddle their (in most cases) highly dubious and toxic wares.

It is easy to create fear and hard to combat it.

Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kasselman