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a midsummer Cascadia Temporary Autonomous Zone

Calling all those who love Cascadia and wish to defend its threatened ecosystems - for the kickoff of CasT.A.Z. - a midsummer Cascadia Temporary Autonomous Zone! Begins Saturday, Aug 1st. This weekend!


Calling all those who love Cascadia and wish to defend its threatened ecosystems - for the kickoff of CasT.A.Z. - a midsummer Cascadia Temporary Autonomous Zone!

A skill-share and community building event, Cas T.A.Z. will be held in the heart of the Willamette National Forest, surrounded by a tract of beautiful and threatened ancient forest. What is it?: This is to be a DIY skill-share and community building event. It is a designated hierarchy and oppression free space, for all those who wish to take action to protect Cascadia's last remaining wild places. Co-created by all participants, content and activities will be shaped by all those who attend. Please come ready to engage and take an active role! Workshops and discussions will be followed by strategy sessions and direction building for current and future campaigns. Proposed workshops include: climb trainings, plant/herb walks, survival in the forest, lessons from past forest defense campaigns, using the media as a tool, the logging industry/USFS/BLM assault on public lands, tactics, building long-term community in forest defense, know your rights, and more! Please bring your workshop ideas, discussion topics, and suggestions! There will be space to add to the schedule and improvise, throughout the week. There will be no fully stocked communal kitchen. Please come with your own camping supplies, food for yourself and the community. Where?: The site of Cas T.A.Z. is home to many acres of native old growth forest, slated to be logged before 2011, by the Seneca Jones Timber Company. These 300-400 year old trees support a fragile ecosystem, inadequately protected by the USFS. In 2006, independent NEST surveyors found more than 40 nests of the protected Red Tree Vole, a vital food for the endangered spotted owl... where incompetent Forest Service surveys found none. This precious habitat and forest has yet to receive the legal protected status that it deserves. Oppressive, hierarchical, patriarchal, imperialist. racist, homophobic attitudes and behavior will not be welcomed or tolerated! CasTAZ begins will be held Sat-Mon, Aug 1 -3, within an hour's drive of Eugene, Oregon. Location details will be announced, shortly! Please join us - for a day, a week, the whole summer, or beyond!

homepage: homepage: http://foresestdefensenow.org

Elliott Free State 27 Benefit This Sat. Aug. 1st 29.Jul.2009 16:26


This Saturday, August 1st at the Red & Black Café at 7 pm, there will be a benefit for the Elliott Free State 27. On July 9th, 27 people were arrested blockading a road, in the Elliott State Forest, that lead to the Umpcoos Timber Sale. For more info on the Elliott Free State go to: www.forestdefensenow.org

Come on out and learn about recent forest defense in Cascadia, watch videos of the action, dance your butt off to some fun radical tunes and help support 27 people who put their lives on the line to try and stop the wholesale destruction of Cascadia's Native Forests. The show has a $3 - $10 sliding scale entrance fee, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. All proceeds will go directly to the Elliott Free State 27 legal & court costs.


When: Sat. Aug. 1st 7pm
Where: Red & Black Cafe SE 12th & Oak
Music: The Rising Phoenix Society &
Here Comes Trouble & more soon to be confirmed
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midsummer was a while ago 03.Aug.2009 22:51

just saying

Just a note that "midsummer" actually means late June.


This business that summer supposedly doesn't START until the solstice? No official proclamations, no scientific basis, no original source. In the 20th century somebody in the media just made it up.