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Sadistic Psychopath Dog Killer Michael Vick Reinstated by NFL

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell just reinstated Michael Vick, the notorious dog butcher, to the National Football League because, said Goodell, Vick has "paid his debt to society." Oh, really. Tell that to the dogs.
Michael Vick ran a dog fighting ring in which he tortured and killed hundreds of dogs. He forced them to fight to the death, and when they did not, he personally tortured them to death. He laughed and grunted as he electrocuted dogs, held dogs under water until they drowned, beat dogs to death, stabbed dogs to death, hung dogs to death. He should be put down. There is no other punishment that could ever possibly suit the crimes against nature, crimes against animals, and crimes against morality that this shot head committed. He should never see the light of day again, much less receive any absolution from the NFL commissioner.

He is the most hated man in America. And that is the ONLY title he will ever deserve.

It is incredible to believe that the NFL commissioner, not to mention a number of Vick's "fans" would pretend for a moment that this piece of shit is worthy of forgiveness. Any human being who could torture innocent dogs to death is a monster. He cannot be sane. And if he is or if he isn't, he will ALWAYS be a danger to animals, a danger to humans, and a menace to society. No one is safe around a monster who would laugh and joke while he took the lives of innocent beings in the most gruesome manner. He is disgusting, and should never be free of the fear that someone who knows what he has done will do what should be done with him.

Please contact NFL Commissioner Goodell and tell him he has made the WRONG decision and that he is an idiot to think that he can speak for the hundreds of dogs killed by that monster. Vick has NOT "paid his debt." He will NEVER pay his debt. And now, Goodell wants to hold this jack off up as an example for children to emulate? What???

vick could go to seattle seahawks 01.Aug.2009 22:35

National Football Post

This is just a rumor. Professional sports is filled with rumors that are from outer space, as this one may turn out to be. What is true is that current Seattle first year coach, Jim Mora, coached Michael Vick when they were both with the Atlanta Hawks. Fact: The current Quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck, is strictly a Mike Holmgren protege and project, and has never been coached by anyone else. He is coming off of an injury-plagued year, and, agewise, is getting up there, by NFL standards, at 33.
Mora is instituting a new system that features run first. Hasselbeck has only played under the West Coast Offense, invented by Bill Walsh at San Francisco, and fine tuned by his students, like Holmgren. The West Coast Offense uses short passes almost as a run from scrimmage.

Michael Vick is an extraordinary runner.

As with many rumors, it is based on the above facts which give it creedance. Still, it is only a rumor

Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:32 am EDT

Michael Vick could end up with Seattle SeahawksNew Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora and ex-con Michael Vick(notes) were apparently good buddies when the pair were together with the Atlanta Falcons so now word is spreading that Vick could end up quarterbacking Seattle this season.

According to National Football Post, Mora actually even has an emotional attachment to Vick and wants to help him out. Maybe Mora hasn't met the members of Seattle's PETA office just yet but you can be sure that will change if Vick ends up signing with the team.

For his part, the dog-loving Vick is saying that he's pretty close to a new deal with one team or another. And you can be sure he doesn't want it to be with a team in the UFL.

Source: National Football Post

We have to take this to the NFL in a way that makes them re-think this decision. 21.Sep.2009 00:03

Jim C

This is an opportunity like none other that animal rights advocates have ever had.

We have to take this to the NFL in a way that makes them re-think this decision.
I am suggesting that EVERY NFL game become a platform for the Animal Rights Movement.
Just think of it there are tens of thousands of people there, and the major Networks that cover the games
This would be the perfect place to get the point across.
Demonstrations at the entrances, And at that crucial win or loose moment when every one is watching
A protester runs out onto the field with a sign denouncing the in humane treatment of animals by Michael Vick.
And not just at eagle games, if the NFL is "OK" with Vick's return then I feel that every team in every town
Is a legitimate place to protest with minimum risk
Stopping the progress of the game will draw attention to our cause on a National level like never before.

But do the advocates have the courage to take the BIG stand?