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Leonard Peltier's 4 Hour Parole Hearing Is Officially Over

This is a report from the Daily Kos blog about the parole hearing of Leonard Peltier. It contains information concerning today's parole hearing, including audio of an interview with Peltier Attny Eric A. Seitz.

Daily Kos Story on Peltier Parole Hearing
Covered LIVE this afternoon via telephone communication at the Lewisburg prison, on TheRealPublicRadio with National Spokesperson Wanbli Tate. (Email:wanbli@gvtc.com) Leonard Peltier's parole attorney, Eric Seitz said that he feels "very encouraged", about Leonard's chance at being granted parole. * washtewin's diary :: :: *

The parole hearing commenced today at approx 9:00AM EDST at the prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where Leonard is incarcerated. It officially ended shortly before 1:00PM EDST this afternoon.

Eric Seitz said that, "Leonard had spoken for about an hour and a half during the hearing. He spoke on his own behalf as well as answering questions posed by the hearing officer." Eric also mentioned that he felt, "The hearing officer listened carefully and heard everything presented on Leonard's behalf."

Present and speaking on Leonard's behalf was district 2 Tribal Council Woman for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians (Leonard's Nation), Cindy Malaterre. Wanbli reports that she feels, "very positive about the outcome [of today's hearing]". Cindy will aid in Leonard's parole specifications, and his transition including his living arrangements, should parole be granted. Also present & speaking on behalf of Leonard was the award winning novelist, writer, and environmental activist, Peter Matthiessen.

Testifying against Leonard was the Attorney General of ND, as well as 2 retired FBI agents. Eric Seitz said the information presented by the retired FBI agents was, "repetative and nothing new."

At this time, the hearing officer is forming his recommendation and will present it to the Parole Commission within the next 24 to 48 hours, at which time by law, they have up to 3 weeks to make a final determination.

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