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Zeitgeist Movement

The Post-Civ apocalyptic edge of global climate collapse has an eerily alluring chaotic dimension, although there is another front evolved from the Communist Manifesto's mechanization & techno-fixation that appeals to optimistic hopefulness.
The film "Zeitgeist" was eye opening and sensibly rooted in the scientific method and altruistic socialism. At zeitgeistmovie.com the are links to see it, then the "Addendum", and the thezeitgeistmovement.com activist orientation guide, also @ video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3932487043163636261

While biospheric balance is seemingly doomed, these films and publications are hacking at the root causes of "scarcity" and hierarchical social injustice. If that sounds wordy please do not worry because the pace and language of their productions aren't very verbose...not more than "The Comming Insurrection" - tarnac9.wordpress.com/texts/the-coming-insurrection/ -; although certainly less street accessible than submedia.tv/stimulator and their position is as defensible.

What are your perceptions and intentions about these thoughts?