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Women organize for Class action againt Military for sexual abuse/harassment

The law firm of Burke O'Neil is developing a class action lawsuit against the military.
The lawsuit seeks to reform the culture that permits constant assaults and sexual
abuse/harassment in the military, or as a dependent of military personell, or as a veteran.
At present, the team working on the suit seeks to interview anyone who has suffered
from sexual abuse of any sort while connected to the military by service, marriage, or
otherwise. Anyone with those experiences is invited to join the class action. The team
wants as many participants as possible.
The Burke O'Neil firm is developing the case on a contingency basis, which means that
it will pay for all the costs associated with the lawsuit. Costs and attorneys fees would
be collected if a monetary judgment is won from a jury.
This type of lawsuit will take several years and may not succeed, but bringing a lawsuit
will help reform military culture.
You do not need to join the lawsuite to provide helpful information that can establish a historical pattern.
Anyone interested in participating in the lawsuit or who has helpful information should
contact lead investigator Barbara Dalton at  dalton@piila.com. Investigators will travel to
meet with witnesses and interview them.
For more information about the attorneys at Burke O'Neil, please go to

or for a local contact you can call Mary Birmingham 541-956-1513 or email  smallrevolution@peoplepc.com

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