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Olympia Anarchists Sentenced for May Day 2008 “Riot”

On Tuesday, July 21st, 4 local individuals were sentenced for smashing bank windows, "rioting", and thwarting the arrests of others on May Day '08 in Olympia. The court house in Olympia was packed with supporters. A ring of police stood between us and the judge, smirking and chatting with the prosecutor during recess.
The actual crime of this whole affair is the persistence of the state, its apologizers and witless functionaries, and the daily coercion which becomes concentrated against individuals who show resistance. This was displayed nakedly as the prosecutor and judge showed special enmity for our companero, Bryan, by ordering 120 days in jail because he held his head up during the proceedings intended for humiliation.
We know that jail time is one of the prods used by Authority to break a human being down into subservience. In this regard, we think Bryan may still be better off than others who received less time, because his spirit was never fooled that the same State which is purposefully attacked every May Day might spare anyone even a little breathing room from its wretched odor.
We are reminded of a comrade in Greece, Ilias Nikolau, accused of an explosion on the police in January, who sees clearly the stakes of his imprisonment. He writes, "To all those who think that they have overcome me, that they have overcome us...
For me and my comrades it works just the other way around! Because as long as there are prisoners of war, we will continue to struggle."
We are sickened by Bryan's lawyer, who thought his liberal grandiloquence would convince the liberal judge of anything but more of the same. Had he watched Stefanie's defense (Stefanie abstained from groveling and was granted 30 days of electronic monitoring), at the very least we might have been saved 30 minutes incarceration by his painful sermon. The other sentences were 45 days for Randal, and 30 days for Shyam. References by almost every suit around the court indicated that the final absconded defendant, "the At-large Mr. Wilson", was being vilified to the furthest extent. We all laughed at the twit piece-of-shit prosecutor describing black clothing as 'combat attire', but the judge threatened us to be silent because she wanted to give her dirty verdict and then disappear from any responsibility of her own. Some grumbles accompanied our departure and someone shouted to her before leaving that she embraced a vision of democratic self-deprecation. We feel that the Judge and Prosecutor attempt to inseminate their filthy Ideal of pacifist democracy and the sanctity of property.
All four have two weeks before beginning their sentences, as well as two years probation. The other two arrestees, Daniel B. and Forest, have already served 60 day sentences. Plank of America is requesting +$10K for its broken windows, and the judge will most likely comply with that bullshit, too, in the next month.
Do you think we ignore that in other countries your doppelgangers simply kill our comrades for their crimes? Do you think we forget all those who have been 'suicided' inside your wards? Why do you think that in Greece and Germany it is not so forgotten that the state prosecutors and prison directors were the target of attacks? It is because we understand this entire open-air prison to be a death threat. As the torment increases, we will continue fighting for our lives!

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Jail? 24.Jul.2009 13:37


Were all the sentances (except Stephanie's) jail time or were they home monitoring? Did Forest and Daniel already serve time in jail? If so I'm sad that I missed seeing the posts on it- I would have been happy to write to them, donate to their commissary funds or even try for a visit if it was possible.

If these other comrades of ours are going into jail, please provide mailing addresses and info so we can stay connected with them.

dfdfs 24.Jul.2009 21:49


Bryan, Randall, and Shyam all received jail time. Forest and Daniel B. already served time. Daniel W. is MIA. Those going to jail won't have addresses until they report on August 4th to go in.

There contact will be posted as soon as available.

Fuccccccccck the policeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.