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Saturday 7-25 10:30AM - 1:00PM - OHSU Anti-Vivisection Outreach For Division Street Fair

We need YOU to come & spread the word about OHSU's lies, waste, and cruelty!
7-25-09 10:30AM -1:00PM 3930 SE Division
Richmond Clinic OHSU Family Medicine
In order to inform fair-goers that not everything about OHSU is all peachy, we will be holding signs and handing out literature about OHSU's cruel and wasteful vivisection programs.

Meet at 10:30 AM on Saturday (7-25-09) at the sidewalk outside the clinic. We will have signs and literature available to educate visitors to the clinic, as well as traffic on Division.

Please come out to support ending the cruel, wasteful, and unscientific practice of vivisection.

OHSU performs these experiments on thousands of animals. Dogs, cats, mice, sheep, birds, primates and other animals all suffer an unnatural life and death in confinement behind the walls of OHSU.

For more information on OHSU's animal testing, please see: ohsukillsprimates.com and ohsucruelty.com