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Agent Orange is a spy for Fort Lewis

He is really:
John Jacob Towery II

He works for:
Fort Lewis Force Protection - Fusion Cell (the intelligence analysis function of Fort Lewis' I Corps)
his ride
his ride
 agent_orange@riseup.net is a spy for Fort Lewis.

He is really:
John Jacob Towery II

He works for:
Fort Lewis Force Protection - Fusion Cell (the intelligence analysis function of Fort Lewis' I Corps)

And he:
Infiltrated Olympia Port Militarization Resistance Sept 2007 through June 2009
(at meetings, and as an administrator of this listserv)

He also infiltrated NWAIDAC, also in person.

So we:
Removed him from an admin role over the Oly PMR listserv.
Set his email to "no delivery" for the Oly PMR list.
Investigated him for about a month to make sure the person we saw in meetings really lived at the address we had for him.
Got photo proof of his residency there.
Outed him at an Olympia City Council meeting on July 21, 2009.

He lives in Spanaway, WA with his spouse and kids. We have the address. He's the registered owner of the address. We've photographed his vehicles at that address. We've photographed him on his motorcycle here in Olympia.

He was born in this week in 1964.

He's a motorcycle rider with the Iron Butt Association. He has a license plate frame on his motorcycle which also says this. You can look him up on the internet and find him listed as being a member with them at : home.comcast.net/~clwhite6/Certified_IBA_Rides.pdf

He's also:
on Myspace
 link to profile.myspace.com
( A_O ) = Agent Orange , get it?
and ironically enough, his identity was passed around by other intelligence folks who thought he was a local anarchist on Myspace.

He says he's not on Facebook.

He planned to come to the Sunday Aug 2nd Oly PMR Meeting at Mixx96.

From his email:

From: "Towery II, John J CIV USA IMCOM" < john.towery@us.army.mil>
To: "LEWIS DES Fusion Cell" < LEWISpmfusioncell@conus.army.mil>
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2008 3:47 PM
Attach: 20081212 Daily.doc
Subject: (U // FOUO) 20081212- Fort Lewis Force Protection Daily Update(UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO
Please find attached the Fort Lewis daily force protection update. This
document is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and intended for Force Protection and
Law Enforcement personnel only. You may communicate contents in the
summary within your organization, but if you wish to distribute outside
of this community, contact the Fort Lewis FP Fusion Cell at the points
of contact below. If you want to get a copy of the FY09 Threat
Assessment for Fort Lewis email the  lewispmfusioncell@conus.army.mil.
John J. Towery
Fort Lewis Force Protection
COM: 253-966-7317
DSN: 347-7317
ICE Survey for FP Support is at:

How did we get this?
This email was forwarded to us via public documents request.
This email's author's name is consistent with a redacted identity in other documents we got from a separate request through a separate city... which would only be redacted if it served a legitimate law enforcement purpose to withhold the name. Being in our meetings qualifies for that, in our opinion.

Signed: PMR-INFO

This is also in part the work of others, as yet to name themselves...
(There were at least 8 and possibly more people who helped put together the items, which together made this identification possible. I cannot name any of you, that is your own tale to tell.)

What was the baby killer doing? 23.Jul.2009 11:45


What was this Christian terrorist doing? Why would Christian terrorists try to infiltrate human rights groups?