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Portland, Oregon says David Irving Not Welcome: Some Notes on July 19

On Sunday, July 19, approximately 50 anti-fascists and anti-racists made their way to the Embassy Suites - Airport hotel in Portland, to oppose the Holocaust-denier and neo-fascist David Irving, and the sympathizers who had paid $24-$30 each to hear him talk.
Rod McLaughlin looks annoyed
Rod McLaughlin looks annoyed
A warm welcome from Embassy Suites staff
A warm welcome from Embassy Suites staff
Although Irving's event was not shut down, we consider our intervention to have been successful in sending a clear message that fascist organizing is not welcome in our community, and that Irving will be met with resistance. This was not only an achievement for Rose City Antifa members, who were a minority within the opposition to the event, it was also an important result for the broader anti-racist community, which mobilized effectively and at short notice. We believe that events such as that on Sunday set the stage for more substantial victories in the future.

David Irving is a British writer of histories who has been involved with the fascist political scene since the 1960s. Always known for the pro-Hitler bias of his books, approximately two decades ago Irving made the transition to being a fully-fledged Holocaust-denier. In addition to spreading blatant historical lies, Irving has publicly stated that "The Jews are the architects of their own misfortune". Although Irving has been banned from several countries and even imprisoned for his Holocaust-denial propagandizing and pro-Nazi agitation, he has been touring the United States since the beginning of July.

Irving's Portland stop was booked at the Embassy Suites hotel by the airport, under the name of "Parforce". (The Seattle stop the previous day was booked as "Focal Point Publications," Irving's publishing company.) Rose City Antifa released information about the venue as soon as it was discovered and confirmed. A flood of calls to the venue began immediately afterwards. Management at the Embassy Suites - Airport hotel refused to shut down the event despite being educated that a notorious Holocaust-denier and cohort of neo-Nazis was using their space. Rose City Antifa condemns the cowardly management of this establishment, who enabled the anti-Semitic event to go on despite calm and well-reasoned argument from community members (plus shouting and confrontation later).

We encourage any individuals or groups who may consider giving their business to Embassy Suites hotels, not to do so. Feel free to call the Portland Airport location and tell them why you are withholding your support: 503 460 3000.

Irving had slightly over two dozen attendees for his talk--half the number of his anti-fascist opponents. One of the largest blocs of attendees on Irving's side came from the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, who were rallied together for the event by Alliance organizer Tim Titrud. One of the individuals who may have been invited to see Irving by Titrud is Rod(erick) McLaughlin AKA "Jay Knott". McLaughlin is a Portland-based participant in Eugene, Oregon's Pacifica Forum, a group which specializes in hosting anti-Semitic speakers (such as David Irving himself last year). McLaughlin writes the Pacifica Forum's blog on their website. He was also the person who initially suggested that Titrud, Tim Calvert and the rest of the 9/11 Truth Alliance host the Holocaust-denier Valdas Anelauskas in Portland during June of this year, in the wake of 9/11 Truth Alliance members attending a Pacifica Forum gathering in Eugene. After McLaughlin attended a presentation by Irving at the Pacifica Forum last year, he summed up his feelings in an article: "To hell with the feelings of minorities. Anti-semitism, if it exists at all, should not be seen as a problem."

The security at the Irving event was tighter than during previous tours, with information about the event location only meant to be disclosed a half-hour before it was scheduled to commence, although Antifa managed to find the venue somewhat earlier. Irving's personal assistant, Jaenelle Antas, was observed in several different outfits during the course of the event, and some of Irving's crowd attempted to glean information about their opponents.

The police presence was large, and they came prepared with vans to haul off anti-racists. The police were called by the hotel management to protect their fascist customers. Thankfully, no one was arrested or otherwise harmed by police during the event. We came away with a significant amount of information about Irving's attendees.

Rose City Antifa calls for all anti-racists to do the necessary research and confront the rest of Irving's speaking dates:

July 22 Wednesday: Sacramento, buffet, 20:00
July 23 Thursday: San Francisco, buffet 18:30
July 25 Saturday: Costa Mesa, 18:30
July 26 Sunday: Sherman Oaks, 15:00
July 29 Wednesday: Denver, 19:00
July 30 Thursday: Omaha, 19:00
July 31 Friday: Chicago incl. de luxe dinner, 19:00
August 1 Saturday: Indianapolis 15:00 [New date.]

In the meantime, feel free to give David Irving a call on his cellphone and let the fascist scumbag know how you feel: 305 923 6779. Remember to hide caller ID (*67) before dialing.

No platform for fascists, no compromise!

- Rose City Antifa / Portland ARA
fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net
971.533.7832 (voicemail)

homepage: homepage: http://antiracistaction.org
phone: phone: 971.533.7832 (VM)

some photos 21.Jul.2009 14:40


Some photos

Jaenelle Antas 21.Jul.2009 15:06


Jaenelle Antas

more photos 21.Jul.2009 15:20


more photos
KBOO reporter in black top on left.
KBOO reporter in black top on left.

more photos 21.Jul.2009 15:25


KBOO reporter in center wearing black top
KBOO reporter in center wearing black top
KBOO reporter in center wearing black top
KBOO reporter in center wearing black top

more photos 21.Jul.2009 15:27


and again

more photos 21.Jul.2009 15:28


and again...

Portland registration list 21.Jul.2009 17:32

The Hidden Paw

Here is the registration list for Irving's Portland event. This ought to be of interest to anti-fascist researchers. Please remember that not every name on the list attended Irving's event, and some may not even be real people. Sadly, individuals such as National Socialist Movement member Corinna (Luray) Burt are indeed real, even if her Facebook page (fan of George Lincoln Rockwell and Anabolic Steroids) seems like a bad joke.

Also, Dylan Marchand is the guy who put his name to the National Socialist Movement adopting a Marion County highway in 2005.
reservation list (.pdf)
reservation list (.pdf)

more on Jaenelle Antas 21.Jul.2009 20:53


I wonder what the Libertarian Party of Indiana have to say about Jaenelle Antas' latest activities, given her work for them until the Irving Holocaust-denial gig...

Same goes for the Atlas!Liberty political action committee for the Libertarian Party, who gave Antas a scholarship in 2008 and who use her picture on the front page of their website...

Finally, Antas' Myspace is at:  http://www.myspace.com/jaenellesings Hilarious!

oh yeah... 21.Jul.2009 20:59


VIDEO from protest 22.Jul.2009 12:27


link to post with video:

...sorry i don't know how to hyperlink in comments...

Antas & stormfront site 23.Jul.2009 21:08


It appears as though Irving's personal assistant Jaenelle Antas has logged over four thousand posts on the white supremacist website stormfront.org since she signed up in November 2005. She posts there under the name "Tristania".

In November 2007, Antas wrote on stormfront: "I have a job with a political party that I enjoy and hope to do more with them once I graduate and can work on a full-time basis." We now know that this was with the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Wonder how open she was about her white supremacist beliefs while on the job...

Embassy Suites 27.Jul.2009 13:20


It amazes me that the Embassy Suites allowed the event to go forward, after being informed who David Irving is. I'll be sure to pass that information along.

When Irving was in Phoeninx 27.Jul.2009 20:14

Dennis Gilman wbee73@cox.net

Here is the video I made of our protest in Phoenix. 30 Irving supporters showed up. We spoted several from the anti immigrant crowd as well as supporters of Sheriff Arpaio.


1st Amendment. 21.Jul.2009 16:20

Freedom of Speech.

This is America. We have Constitutional rights, you should read the very First one.

Stop being a nazi; posting peoples pictures and car license plates because they want to hear someone speak.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Naive Liberals are Annoying 21.Jul.2009 17:04


Liberals love to talk about how people who advocate putting people in ovens have a right to free speech. If you allow Nazis to speak freely and openly, recruiting people to there cause, and organizing a fascist movement, before you know it people start getting killed. Read your history. Learn what happened when Nazis roamed around Portland, murdering people. It's funny that asshole liberals will defend the "rights" of Nazis who just as soon shoot them in the head if they were in control. It's such a self-defeating, infantile political position, it's difficult to even take seriously. I suppose you also support the rights of rapists to advocate raping women, or pedophiles to advocate sexually abusing children. Think through your positions, read some history, and get a fucking clue. Or shut the fuck up and make a financial donation to a neo-nazi organization, because you are a de-facto fascist ally. How's that feel?

free speech? 21.Jul.2009 17:23

Johnny Freedom

From "Killing The Nazi Menace-how to stop the fascists", zine, available at Black Rose Infoshop.

"History has shown that the nazis can only be stopped by confrontation. Hitler understood this very well. Shortly after he took power he admitted: Only one thing could have stopped our movement-if our adversaries had understood its principle and, from the first day, had smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement."

Today, much more is understood about how fascists manipulate people. Hitler gave us an obvious answer on how to stop it. The zine referenced gives some good history about how fascism spread throughout Europe with leftists condemning direct confrontation the whole time. And with the police protecting their "rights" to "free speech" as well.

Interesting.......... 21.Jul.2009 17:34

Jim Lockhart

I googled David Irving to check out his reputation, and see what other sources had to say about his activities and found the Anti Defamation Leagues site. This site contains a wealth of information about Irving and about three dozen other folks with similar ideologies.

And much to my surprise, I also found this:

Ecoterrorism: Extremism in the Animal Rights and Environmental Movements

Animal Rights and Environmental advocates ("Ecoterrorists")are listed along side such right wing groups as the Ku Klux Klan and Christian Identidy Movement.

I'm not urging any specific conclusions from this, merely pointing out the irony...........

Lulz 21.Jul.2009 18:56


Corinna Luray Burt, everyone's favorite National Socialist mortician!


1st ammendment 22.Jul.2009 00:55

Working Class Mama

The first amendment has only to do with government interference with speech. I would think most folks would agree that the government should never fuck with free speech. No one however is obligated to allow someone to use their resources to support speech that they don't agree with or that in fact threatens their very existence.

The 1st amendment has nothing to do with people in the community organizing to oppose oppressive ideologies and if necessary, putting a stop to them. Just like with any other protest. Like every Bush protest that happened in the last few years. Like when we shut down the WTO in Seattle. It is the obligation of the people to fight amongst themselves for what is right or not.

You must take a wider view of this situation. David Irving is taking part in a larger strategy to popularize nazi politics. The nazi movement has been struggling with the fact that the Holocaust is the main reason their ideology is rejected. So logically the first step in improving their popularity is to discredit or even outright deny the Holocaust. Once that's out of the way, sadly most americans would agree with them. They actually discuss this stuff on their blogs. So to support Irving and others like him, is to support this strategy. Nazis are not all toothless drunken meatheads. Some of them are pretty clever and well educated in how to manipulate people. The original nazis in fact wrote volumes on the subject.

Also "Johnny Freedom" makes an excellent point.

To Jim: Yeah it is bizarre(perhaps telling) that neo-nazis murder with relative immunity while earth and animal defenders that do not kill or hurt anyone get 20-life in prison and put on terrorist lists.

Searchlight magazine 22.Jul.2009 19:25


If you want to know anything about David Irving or any other Brit Nazis then check out Searchlight magazine that has been doing a great job keeping tabs on Nazis for over two decades.


The Thought Police are at it again! 23.Jul.2009 23:47

Open minded

It makes me laugh when people get all worked up about speech, ideas and thoughts, especially when they don't promote violence in any way. I never even heard of David Irving until I started reading these humorous threads by Rose City Antifa. All they have done is make me curious about David Irving and see what all the fuss is about. I decided to listen to his speeches on YouTube and lo and behold, I didn't hear any incitement of violence or fascist tendencies, just seems like he genuinely wants to pursue the truth.

Even if he is wrong, so what?
It's just thoughts and ideas, jeeeeez.

More on Jaenelle Antas 24.Jul.2009 10:20


She is a regular poster on Stormfron.org where she goes by Tristania.

Why keep siding with the fascists? 24.Jul.2009 10:58

Feral Kimchi

Why is it that some of you liberals insist on sticking up for a racist? I'm all for free speech and wouldn't want the government censoring anyone either, but isn't it the duty of the community to oppose people with hateful or dangerous ideas? Unfortunately this is why the left has failed to accomplish a whole lot. The point isn't to be morally pure, but to dismantle systems of domination and power.

For those who think that David Irving's ideas are not dangerous, please watch this video. The interview is more towards the end:


Worry about the man, not his employee... 24.Jul.2009 13:10

Intellectually Honest

Not sure it's warranted to attack or worry about his employee. In Indiana the Republicans had a seemingly neo-Nazi, religious fascist guy named "Tony Zirkle" or something like that run for office. I'm sure their party doesn't spend everyday apologizing for that one guy, much less whomever their (or Democrat) party volunteers may be employed by.

I doubt the administrative assistant for any high level executive at Monsanto is personally worthy of attack over all the crap they do. Argue against the man, not the hired help.

Our Resources 24.Jul.2009 13:42


From Working Class Mama: "I would think most folks would agree that the government should never fuck with free speech. No one however is obligated to allow someone to use their resources to support speech that they don't agree with or that in fact threatens their very existence." I totally agree.

Our resources - in the form of taxpayer dollars - are constantly being funneled into the corrupt state of Israel so that their genocide-minded regime can continue its current, ongoing HOLOCAUST (systematic murder) of the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, Rose City Antifa is obsessed over one nazi (David Irving) denying ONE holocaust that ended over 60 years ago. Why no mention of The Armenian Holocaust of 1915 - where one and a half million Armenian civilians were murdered by Ottoman Turks? Why no mention of the 3 million non-Jewish Poles who were killed by Hitler?

From Wikipedia: "Some scholars maintain that the definition of the Holocaust should also include the Nazis' systematic murder of millions of people in other groups, including ethnic Poles, the Romani, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, gay men, and political and religious opponents. By this definition, the total number of Holocaust victims is between 11 million and 17 million people."

I'm not denying that six million Jews were killed. But I do have a problem that there's no mention of "between 11 million and 17 million people" being systematically murdered. By using the restricted focus on the figure of six million Jews, and ignoring all others, the Jewish people are creating a large part of the problem.

Finally, the 19 photos posted above only show one or two older persons in each, one "mob scene" of 5 persons and a couple of vehicles. Compare these to the photos we have all been seeing in the current, ongoing HOLOCAUST against the Palestinian people. And yes, the people of Portland are directly responsible for this ongoing HOLOCAUST - at least those of you who are paying for it with your tax dollars of support!

on other holocausts 24.Jul.2009 14:07

Wrench Monkey

Re: " Why no mention of The Armenian Holocaust of 1915" or the holocaust against the Palestinians, etc.

Because that wasn't what Irving and his fascist 911 untruth dittoheads are promoting.

Are you saying that there should be no opposition to anti-Jewish propaganda unless every other holocaust in the history of the world is also mentioned?

Would you say the same if anti-black or anti-woman bigotry were being discussed? If not, then you should examine your own anti-Jewish beliefs, because you've got them.

Whay Doesn't Antifa Come Out Strong Against Israeli Racism and Fascism? 24.Jul.2009 14:10


@ Rose City Antifa:

When are you all going to come out strong against Israeli racism and fascism? When will you protest the Israeli Apartheid and genocide against the Palestinians? We're waiting, not just for your reply, but to see your actions. If you truly oppose fascism, why aren't you attacking the big-time bad guy fascists and racists who run Israel?

re: the big-time bad guy fascists and racists who run Israel 24.Jul.2009 14:43

Wrench Monkey

The "big-time bad guy fascists and racists who run Israel" are U.S. policy makers. Without the political, economic and military support for U.S.-Israel crimes by them, Israel would be unable and unwilling to slaughter and torture Palestinians.

In other words: When are YOU ALL going to come out strong against U.S. racism and fascism?

The argument that anyone who opposes anti-Semitism of the Jewish kind must be anti-Palestinian is less than weak; it is bigoted and ultimately destructive to legitimate Palestinian concerns.

WTF people! 24.Jul.2009 23:52


Why couple the Holocaust, and it's Jewish victims with the circumstance in Gaza at all? The neo-Nazi and Hitler apologists have an agenda that is completely divorced from the events in Gaza. They want an "Aryan" revolution, not a Palestinian State. The very fact that people are bringing up Gaza in this discussion shows how the poison of antisemitism has spread into the "left". The Nazi Genocide against European Jews, and the ongoing destruction of the Palestinian people can both be condemned. What is disturbing is the linkage between 2 monstrous crimes as if one minimized the other.

Irving peddles his tripe for a specific political purpose, the rehabilitation of National Socialism and White Supremacy. The attendees are drawn to his talks for political reasons, to organize on a local level. It's beyond me why this action is controversial at all. If you oppose this fascist crap, you should support this action. If you have constructive criticism, by all means, articulate it. But waving the bloody Flag of Israel around this debate is unseemly. It stinks of racist opportunism.

As to the differing circumstances between fascist organizing in the Portland area, and the policies of the State of Israel. Antifa is a local organization devoted to fighting the development of fascist organization in Portland, thus the name, Portland Antifa (BTW, that stands for anti-fascist.) It is not an organization devoted to pressuring the US State to change it's foreign policy. So I suppose that they will never come out against another Nation States policies in the same way they do towards local fascist outfits in Portland. It would be a little stupid to expect them to, what with the name of their organization and all. Perhaps if they changed their name to "Committee in Solidarity with the People of Palestine" we may be reasonably puzzled with their current targets.

A anti-racist and Internationalist perspective allows one to oppose Antisemitism and Zionism at the same time. I for one was out against Irving, and also out for Palestinian street actions last spring. This is not contradictory, or complicated, it's consistent application of analysis. I would note that I recognized a few other comrades that attended both events as well.

And don't get me started on 911. I should already be in bed instead of ruminating on the obvious.

Who decides? 25.Jul.2009 11:14


Why do some opinions get labeled as unacceptable and others not? I don't agree with this fellow's position denying the holocaust either, but why is he not able to have that opinion? You don't want others denying your right to free speech. How is it you want to deny him the same right?

Naive Liberals 25.Jul.2009 14:26


Please see the above comment, number two: Naive Liberals are Annoying. Stop being ahistorical and stupid. Hitler said the only thing that could have stopped them is if people opposed the Nazi's right from the start. These are people who advocate genocide. You are now an apologist for genocide by defending them. It's a funny world. Liberals defending Nazis. Fuck off!

Not quite all truth 25.Jul.2009 23:29

Disgusted inPortland

I applaud anyone who opposes racism and hate, and I certainly disagree with Mr Irving's writings or beliefs. However, to state that Embassy Suites as a company or its employees are racist because Mr Irving had a meeting at an Embassy Hotel is irrespobsible. Anyone from the public who attended Mr Irving's meeting did so at their own discretion. Nobody was forced to listen to him. Nobody attending Mr Irvings meeting trespassed or broke the law. Your group did not give anyone the choice of whether to listen to you or not. You came on the property univited, and because you had no idea where in the hotel Mr Irving's meeting was actually being held, you proceeded to bang on every wall and door in the conference center indesciminately. Not exactly as organized or informed as you would lead the public to believe. What you truly managed to do was ruin one couples wedding.... a couple who was celebrating the most important day of their lives and who had no knowledge of Mr Irving and nothing to do with him. Your group shouted racial slurs and insults at the wedding guests as they arrived. You held up the reception because your group couldn't tell the difference between wedding guests and people attending a meeting. Continue to brag to the community about how "successful" your protest was. You are the ones who came away from that confrontation looking poorly and making a black mark on the community. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You owe that wedding party an apology.

a wedding is not as important as fighting fascism 26.Jul.2009 08:18

an anarquist

Ask anyone who fought the Nazis in World War II. Nuff said.

response to "Not quite all truth" by disgusting in portland 26.Jul.2009 10:53


Funny, that a comment entitled "Not quite all truth" would itself be so far off the mark. But not really surprising. It must have been posted by someone who was there, but not part of Antifa, so, I guess it was...probably... ....anyhow, it is not an accurate account of what happened, but it's good for a laugh anyhow.

Not Quite all the Truth is Bullshit! 26.Jul.2009 20:20


I was there from the beginning and what you say is absolute BS. You are probably a neo-Nazi spreading propaganda. We identified the exact conference room before anyone showed up besides Irving, and thus there was no indiscriminate banging on walls and doors. This accusation is complete horseshit. We alerted the wedding attendees to the fact that a Nazi event was being held next door to their reception, and suggested they contact Embassy Suites management and get the event cancelled. To suggest that the average anti-racist can't tell the difference between someone dressed up for a wedding, and someone not, is so ridiculous as to be beyond comment. It's another lie, no doubt by this Nazi poster who has finally found out where the accounts of our action are being discussed, and decided to try and discredit us with stupid lies. This poster is completely full of shit, as anyone, from either side, knows full well. Nice try asshole!

Kill the Nazis!

Disinfo killing 27.Jul.2009 18:30

IMC Volunteer

I was there and I went inside at the very beginning and was there to the end. Irving's event was right next to the back door and people went directly into there. The reception was a ways down the hall by the front door. No wall or door banging happened or was necessary. Also there would be no reason for the reception to be delayed. Antifa got there before the wedding/reception, was quieted down by the time they arrived, and didn't block the front door which lead to the reception. Absolutely no racial slurs were used in any context whatsoever, not even to describe nazi behavior or give an example. The same person said this same line to every person who walked by, "Hi, there are nazis/fascists meeting in here. Please ask the hotel staff to cancel this event. If you are here for the wedding, enjoy the wedding and we're sorry that the nazis are crashing the celebration." The only negative response I saw from wedding attendees was some nervous, uptight white guy walking his family into the hotel. He was so scared he didn't hear the person talking to him and just shouted, "Don't talk to me!", scooped up his(bi-racial, btw) family, and skittered away. I got the impression he wasn't from around here, maybe the midwest or some place where having any opinion is considered rude. All the rest were supportive. The brides maids even thanked Antifa for trying to get the nazis out of there.

thanks to pheonix 28.Jul.2009 22:45

jumpupand down

thanks for posting the video!!!

911 truthers 29.Jul.2009 20:37


David Irving is in Denver this evening. Many thanks to Rose City Antifa, who sent us advance warning of the Nazi invasion, via Colorado Indymedia.

During the spirited discussion that followed Antifa's posting, at least one 911 truther (who claims to be from Portland) tried repeatedly to tell us what a wonderful person he thinks Irving is. We weren't fooled.

Apparently, these folks aren't so good at identifying truth as their name implies.

re: the wedding 30.Jul.2009 12:46


It is the Embassy Suites that ruined that couple's wedding. Allowing scum like Irving to speak there is an affront to all the other people in the building, most of whom probably could not imagine that a Nazi event would be taking place there. It also posed an unnecessary and certainly avoidable security risk.

Do you think that couple would have chosen the Embassy Suites for their wedding, if they had known about Irving and his presence there? Even without knowing them, it seems doubtful.

By allowing Irving to use their facilities, the Embassy Suites insulted and endangered all their other clients.