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Obama's Health Care Plan? See California's For Sneak Preview- Kill the Poor

Obama and Eugenics are a match made in Sacramento
Wondering what Obama's real agenda is as far as healthg care? You need look no further than California, where draconian cuts in services have just been implemented. If you're on SSI, SSA, Medi-Cal, or have the bad luck to be old and infirm or disabled, you are flat out of luck. The Aged, Blind & Disabled who receive dental, optical, and psychological services no longer do after July 1. Grandma's teeth can rot in her head as far as Sacramento is concerned. The uncomfortable fact is that Governor Schwartzenegger is executing a program of planned eugenics against the most vulnerable segments of society- the sick and disabled. A Medi-Cal card is now worthless at any dentist, psychiatrist, psychologist or optician in California. Dental health is key in preserving one's general health as they age. This lack of care (and compassion) is simply homicidal in the long run. Obama has actually praised the California governor before Congress for his "realism" in trimming budgets. Well, the realism is ready to explode as the desperately poor and ill enter a new period in their lives, a time where living in the USA will really mimic life in a third-world country. Eugenics is the pseudo-science and belief, crystalized by the German Nazis, that "Useless Eaters" need to be eliminated in order for the "superior" types of people to prevail on Earth. In the Governor's eyes, the old and infirm and disabled are those "useless eaters", sucking up the resources that fuel America's quest for the Perfect Yuppie Lifestyle. Obama's own inner circle of science advisors is infested with proponents of these ideas, and pawns like the California Governor can actually test these out on a helpless population far from the mainstream media spotlights of the East Coast. The message is basically DROP DEAD if you are receive any of these "services", even if you paid into them all your life through payroll taxes. Schwartzenegger has obviously made an inside deal with the Democratic leadership to experiment upon poor and aged Californians, who are already subjected to massive amounts of chemicals in their water and chemtrails in their air supply. Hospitals are sure to be overwhelmed with untreated dental infections, jails (and towns) are sure to be even more overcrowded with mentallly ill criminals who never got counseling, and the eugenics lobbyists masquerading as scientists and statesmen get to balance the budget over the graves of the sick and aged. Vaccines anyone?

OK so who and where is the class action dixcrimination lawsuit that i can join? 25.Dec.2009 18:12

ready to retaliate

There must be 100,000 discriminated-against medicaid recipients between Cali and Oregon. So let's get together and sue! and stipulate our terms. the elderly & disabled are targeted as a class, so, hey! we have a class- action. easy enough to find us, any attorneys want to take this on?????