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Video of ANTIFA and allies protesting nazi scum

watch the action at the Embassy Suites yesterday
Here are some clips of the earlier part of yesterday's protest against neo-nazi David Irving and his hateful bullshit. The video includes protest chants, hotel staff looking like fools, and images of the Nazi shit himself, David Irving. He was pointed out to me as the haggard looking old man in the gray one piece. If so he has certainly changed his style from last year and we should all take note. The camera footage ended as the police showed up (I wanted to make sure I would be able to keep the camera and footage), so I have no images of the twenty or so cops that came with their paddy wagon and clubs. At any rate we successfully made a huge stink and called out the nazi scum without anyone getting arrested. Thanks to everyone who was there and provided support for each other. And remember Embassy Suites supports fascism so don't give them your money!!

Thanks ANTIFA for organizing this and maintaining a no compromise stance with fascism.

Not Irving 21.Jul.2009 14:53


The "haggard old man in the grey one-piece" was not Irving, but rather an attendee at the event. irving was ID, but that guy is not him. The guy in red, with the white hair in a pony tale, is also a neo-nazi attendee. His wife was taking pictures of anti-fascists.

In solidarity!