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URGENT, PORTLAND TODAY: Oppose Holocaust Denier David Irving!

Rose City Antifa has uncovered the location of David Irving's lecture. He is speaking at Embassy Suites - Airport located at 7900 NE 82nd Street Portland, OR 97220. The phone number of this venue is (503) 460-3000. Irving's personal cellphone number is (305) 923-6779. He is slated to begin his lecture today, Sunday July 19th, at 3pm.
We encourage folks to call immediately to express their disgust that this establishment is providing a platform for a notorious anti-Semite, fascist and fraudulent historian. It may be wise to take appropriate security precautions, such as blocking your phone number (*67).

For more information on Irving's shameful legacy please see RCA's previous Indymedia posting  link to portland.indymedia.org, or run a Google search. Information is widely available on Irving's crackpot scholarship painting Adolf Hitler as a saintly hero, and insisting that the Holocaust is a Jewish hoax.

RCA and allies are also on the ground directly opposing this gathering of white supremacists. If you are able to come, we welcome the additional community support.

If you have any information on white supremacist activity related to this event or otherwise, please contact us at fight_them_back<at>riseup<dot>net or 971-533-7832 (voicemail).


phone: phone: 971-533-7832

I just called 19.Jul.2009 13:39


And spoke with ES Manager Theresa. She has already had a flood of anti-Irving calls. Good going peeps! See you in a minute at ES!

3:30 Update 19.Jul.2009 15:39

indy reporter

50 protesters out front
some have masks
signs and message
"David Irving should not be speaking there"
"We dont support racist bullshit"

12 police cars
police walking around, talking, one on walkie-talkie, watching
more police cars were driving up at 3:30

Way too many police was a comment "relayed to me by cell phone"

4:05 19.Jul.2009 16:18


40 protester
protest going till 5 or 6
Irving may have assaulted someone

ES falsly claims event can not be cancelled

4:20 19.Jul.2009 16:26


<reports are by text message relay>

Front door was blocked for a while
But was moved because --> falsely told "event was cancelled"
then told otherwise
Some threatend with arrest...but negotiated out of it

Event antendee says 911 truth group promoted event by phone
Lawyer Stu Sugaman onsite leaglly disputing the ES claims
ES management wont show "contract"

KBOO reporter is "inside the event"

4:55 19.Jul.2009 16:57


protesters are leaving
A reporter from KBOO is fine and is still inside the event

5:02 Update 19.Jul.2009 17:06


As of shortly before 5:00PM all anti-fascists have left from Embassy Suites.

Feel free to continue calling the hotel (503 460 3000) or--even better--David Irving on his cell phone (305 923 6779). Don't forget to hide caller ID (*67) if calling the fascist scumbag!

Thank you Antifa 19.Jul.2009 21:40


I just want to say thank you to Rose City Antifa.
It was great to see so many young folks out there.
Nazis must NEVER be allowed to go unanswered, so it was inspiring to see so many prepared to stand their ground.
You carry on in a great tradition of standing up to the Nazis, and I'm sure all those who came before you fighting the Nazis from Germany to the East End of London would have been proud of you.
At the battle of Cable Street in London in 1936 when Mosleys Blackshirts fascists wanted to march through East London, the cry went out 'They shall not pass'
The Nazis were stopped then as they were when the Neo-Nazi National Front associated with Irving tried to march through Lewisham in 1977.

So now Irving knows that wherever he goes in the world he will be confronted by people who WILL stop NAZI SCUM.

Pics 20.Jul.2009 01:05

street reporter

I only took a few pics because my camera phone got full. Folks are wearing masks for multiple reasons but one most consistently heard was a threat that Stormfront and other nazi organizations threatened to photograph protesters and post them on their websites/blogs.
Oh and to any nazis, don't get all excited about the folks without masks. They're just either press, employees, or your own attendees.

Pics 2 20.Jul.2009 01:09

street reporter

Negotiations with cops & Embassy Suites Management
Negotiations with cops & Embassy Suites Management

Pics 1 20.Jul.2009 01:10

street reporter


Pics 3 20.Jul.2009 01:15

street reporter

Negotiation w/ cops & mgmnt, in background long line of cop cars/vans show up
Negotiation w/ cops & mgmnt, in background long line of cop cars/vans show up

Pics 4 20.Jul.2009 01:27

street reporter

The obese male with brownish hair in black shirt & pants assaulted protester. He was wearing an employee name tag. Bleached blonde woman in black cat suit with bra straps and turquoise belt appeared to be an event attendee, but I can't confirm that.
Police sweep inside
Police sweep inside

New statement 21.Jul.2009 14:04


New statement from Rose City Antifa regarding opposition to Irving, July 19:



Because speech is so, so dangerous 19.Jul.2009 13:32

that it must be bullied into silence.

I did my own research into David Irving and found that he is a racialist/racist/white nationalist (and thus repugnant to me as an anti-racist anti-nationalist) but I don't consider him a "fraudulent" historian and I certainly don't think the events of World War Two are permanently closed to re-evaluation and re-analysis. Do your own research, particularly with regard to alleged Zionist cooperation with the Nazis and the role of the Holocaust narrative in justifying an egregiously racist state in occupied Palestine.

Second Generation H-Survivor 19.Jul.2009 14:22


Just because the Zionists use the Nazi Holocaust to justify Israel, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Facts are facts and interpretation is interpretation. There were gas chambers; there was a Final Solution that can be read about in Nazis own words.

True, hate speech is legal in this country--though not all agree that it should be.

Even if I agree that it should be legal, there is every good reason to show disapproval in the form of protest.

If you wanna see who this wingnut is... 19.Jul.2009 14:46

Alice in Wonderland

Read this interview with Irving from The Independent (UK) to see what he's all about. Looney Toons!

David Irving: 'Hitler appointed me his biographer'

From Wikipedia 19.Jul.2009 15:16


David Irving quote from wikipedia: "Ridicule alone isn't enough, you've got to be tasteless about it. You've got to say things like "More women died on the back seat of Edward Kennedy's car at Chappaquiddick than in the gas chambers at Auschwitz." Now you think that's tasteless, what about this? I'm forming an association especially dedicated to all these liars, the ones who try and kid people that they were in these concentration camps, it's called the Auschwitz Survivors, Survivors of the Holocaust and other liars, A-S-S-H-O-L-E-S. Can't get more tasteless than that, but you've got to be tasteless because these people deserve our contempt."

David Irving's "scholarship" is obviously not an attempt to discover the truth about the holocaust. This is not just a disagreement about the numbers, he has made a career out of idolizing the Nazi's, negating or openly denying the Holocaust, and working with neo-nazi and racist groups in Britain and Europe. This guy makes a living off of trying to make racism and Nazism mainstream and acceptable again.

Don't use the government to do our work for us 19.Jul.2009 15:39

an anarchist

Of course Nazis and their sympathizers should not be banned by the government. That gives the government power. On the other hand, if an average person should kick one of their asses, we should applaud. People who want to commit genocide should not be able to propagate these ideas or prey upon others.
And to be honest, I don't really care what he says about the past. Even to claim that only a small percentage of those who the Nazis did kill were killed (a lie and an insult), isn't enough to shut him down. The problem with Irving is that he is helping to organize Nazis and other racists today. Look at who has come to his presentations-boneheads, organizers of Nazi groups, people who attack immigrants, etc. These scum don't deserve to exist.

Holocaust denier David Irving tries to sell Hitler's hair and bones on website 19.Jul.2009 15:46

An Anti-Racist

Controversial historian David Irving has set up a website selling Nazi memorabilia which he claims includes a piece of Hitler's bone and strands of his hair.

Dubbed 'Naz-eBay' by Holocaust groups, the site also offers a walking stick used by the German dictator and a christening present given by SS leader Heinrich Himmler to Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering's daughter.

Irving, who was jailed in Austria for Holocaust denial, 'authenticates' the relics and displays them on his website run from his home in Windsor. He profits from the site by taking a 15 per cent commission fee on all items sold.

Last night, Dr Shimon Samuels, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre which searches for Nazi war criminals, called for a UK ban on the selling of Third Reich items.

It is illegal to trade in Nazi memorabilia in Germany, France, Austria and Poland.

In Germany, the maximum penalty for dealing in Nazi items is a three-year prison sentence.

Dr Samuels said: 'This Naz-eBay is extremely distasteful to the point of sick.


'There's a market out there for Nazi memorabilia. If this is done to glorify Hitler, as I imagine it is, then it is unacceptable.'

Irving, 70, has turned to selling Nazi relics after he was forced into bankruptcy in 2002 following a failed libel action.

He says he is currently checking the bones of Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun for an American seller living in Pennsylvania, who claims they were bought by a relative from a KGB agent in the 1980s.
Christening present

A christening present given by SS leader Heinrich Himmler to Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering's daughter

The fragments are labelled as being from Hitler's rib and Braun's spine. Strands of Hitler's hair, which were allegedly collected by his barber by using a piece of sticky tape attached to the bottom of his shoe, are expected to go on sale at up to $180,000 (£130,000).

Irving is selling the scorched wooden walking stick at £7,000 for a widow who lives in Ealing, west London.
David Irving

Controversial British historian Irving is selling Nazi items

Her late husband bought the stick, one of several used by the tyrant, from Hitler's country estate manager in 1993.

Mark Gardner of the anti-Semitism charity, Community Security Trust, said: 'These claims are very disturbing, and show how legislation has trouble coping with new global communications.

'Nazism is not dead, and decent lessons of World War Two are not forgotten with the passing of time.'

Tory MP Ann Widdecombe said: 'It is extremely disturbing that this trade exists, particularly when it is run from the UK.'

Irving said: 'I sell authentic items and when people come to my website and see the name David Irving, they know they are buying an authentic item. I have a living to make and this is how I make my money.

'There are some very wealthy people, mainly in the U.S., and I know how much they will pay for these items.'

Last week Irving offered sanctuary to Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, who caused worldwide outrage after saying that no Jews died in Nazi gas chambers.

Read more:  link to www.dailymail.co.uk

oh, rose city antifa 19.Jul.2009 17:59


those of us stuck at work send our love your way. <3

while you are all up in arms about the looney professor 19.Jul.2009 18:24

i think

its fair to say: you all show up for Irving, who hastnt killed anyone or been responsible for any war, death, coverups, conspiracies, etc...when karl rove was here, none of you showed up...except, you guessed it, Tim Calvert, all by his lonesome, out there with a sign protesting the architect, the mastermind behind the endless war, which to date, has killed millions, cost close to one trillion and created a permanant nuclear holocast, via depleted uranium munitions, that shall live on this planet for the next ten thousand yeARS.

Karl Rove 19.Jul.2009 18:49


Maybe if those who had info about Karl Rove visiting had organized as well as RCA does (or at all) then people would have showed up. Protests aren't magic. You can't wiggle your nose, click your heels, bob your head, and expect people to show up. People organize and promote protests. Ineffective promotion is the most common reason for poor attendance.

Let Freedom of Speech be just that 19.Jul.2009 19:20


I really don't understand this thread on IM. If he shows up and tells his story that the Holocaust never happened, or was greatly exaggerated as a propaganda vehicle for Zionism and taking land from the Palestinians, then he spoke. If his argument is weak, tear it apart in rebutle, but don't respond to fascism by acting like a fascist. If he does actively endorse violence, then that is a crime and there are laws to deal with that.

to complacent liberals 19.Jul.2009 21:59

shut up

you people are ridiculous. I am so sick of hearing your whiny shit on IMC. You spend more time defending fascists and nazis then the fucking volksfront themselves. People who promote eugenics, murder and genocide will never be allowed to pass through our town without militant and organized confrontation. I have noticed that the people who argue for nazi free speech are never the people who the nazi's seek to exterminate but rather our so called 'allies.' Well, with friends like these...
What don't you understand? David Irving is not 'just saying things." He and others like him are working to organize fascism and genocide. If we allow people like this to make any movement forward, no matter how slight, we allow ourselves to slip closer to another holocaust (and I am not just referring to the Shoah but to all holocausts, including the one that wiped millions of people from the occupied territory we now reside on.) As long as there is someone promoting my extermination and the extermination of people I love, I will be there to shut them down and through any means necessary. Stopping nazi's from spreading their filth is not 'fascist' nor does it violate some odd amerikkkan concept of 'free speech.' It is self defense. Self defense, unlike this amerikkkan free speech that you liberals have such a crush on, is a fundamental human right and by it's nature neither fascist nor violent. If someone entered your home with a gun and pointed it at your family, you would not hesitate to act just because they hadn't actually pulled the trigger and were only talking about pulling the trigger. You would snap into action instantly because an imminent threat was there and it was only a matter of time before that threat was realized. David Irving and the nazi scum like him are a gun pointed in our faces. I for one will not stand around waiting for the trigger to be pulled.

so what happened? 19.Jul.2009 22:15

author of comment

So what happened? Can we get a report back from someone who was there?

How many people showed up to hear the guy? Did anyone get inside to hear what he was saying and who was in the audience? Did anyone shoot video?

Thanks in advance.

Reportback needed 19.Jul.2009 23:04

IMC workerbee

I was there doing reporting for the breaking news and I saw a couple cameras, plus a video camera, and audio. I took a couple pics and will post them shortly. Hopefully someone will write an article and post media files soon.
I would be more than happy to contribute to an article but would prefer that someone else wrote one. I wouldn't want people getting the wrong impression that Indy volunteers write the features. Well, sometimes individuals among us do reporting but they have to wait for another volunteer to feature it or write to the list to request featuring just like anybody else. The beauty of Indymedia is that it comes from the community first hand and I would like for people to be used to that idea. But if no one does, I'll write one tomorrow since I was there and experienced it too.

portland 911 member 19.Jul.2009 23:20

Halliburton Crusher

i hope nothing i write will be changed, modified, or edited. i will retain a copy of the following.
i am one of the original members of the portland 911 truth alliance group here in portland oregon.
i attended david irvings lecture today, and arrived at 3:30 P.M.
i do not know much about david irving and have only found this video clip of any interest to me -
i initially became interested in the jewish holocaust believer versus non-believer issue firstly/primarily/very much so - due to people being imprisoned for various reasons such as - believing the number of victims was exaggerated, there were no gas chambers, people starved due to transmission lines(air, train, roads)being bombed by allied forces which caused a reduction of food and medicine availability.
correct me if i am wrong, but i do not recall any time since world war two, or otherwise, in history, that anyone is put in prison for what some people consider to be an incorrect or absurd, or wrong, belief in regard to the details of any historical event, or belief system of any kind.
native americans, african americans, vietnamese, palestinians, iraqis, afghanis, chileans, east timorans, as well as other people have experienced their own "holocausts", yet it intrigues me that if someone questions one or more aspects of the "jewish" holocaust they face a possibility of imprisonment. people have questioned various aspects of various holocausts, particularly the number of victims, but none have been imprison thereof.
in regard to the argument of gas chambers versus no gas chambers, i offer the following - (a side note - i am not interested in personal subjective stories - i am interested in objective physics)-
part one of three was mere introduction so i omitted it -
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCrhoXBQCeY&feature=channel_page -part two of three (zundel - cole)
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur3zyKztQ3g&feature=channel_page - part three of three (zundel - cole)
upon arrival i counted 11 portland police cars outside of the embassy suites hotel. i found this to be quite excessive.
i would like to ask why do people where the bandannas across their noses and mouths? is this to cover identity? protection from possible tear gas?, (which would be deplorable.) a political statement?
i would like to comment to my observations of your various time frames of your antifa reporter who was inside the event(and i am very pleased that you had someone who made a point of observation for you. it is essential.)
3:30 - "We dont support racist bullshit" - i do not support racist bullshit either, but i also did not hear david irving say anything that i could consider to be racist. to be a "devils advocate" for you, perhaps he was playing it safe and being cautious.
3:30 - Way too many police was a comment "relayed to me by cell phone" - i agree wholeheartedly.
4:05 - Irving may have assaulted someone - irving said at the end of his lecture that an employee of the embassy suite hotel was punched in the face by a protestor.
4:05 - ES falsly claims event can not be cancelled - i am 50-50 on this. if i host an event on my private property it is freedom of choice/speech, so how is it that it can be argued to be cancel-able by anyone other than myself. do i not hold the precedent on this, unless we are no longer living in free will?
4:20 - Front door was blocked for a while But was moved because --> falsely told "event was cancelled"
then told otherwise Some threatend with arrest...but negotiated out of it
- to be told that the event was cancelled is a cheesy cheap way to deny you the right to peaceably protest and i object to you being told this bold faced lie. i am 100% pleased that no one was arrested. i would not want anyone to experience this humiliation, disrespect, and financial burden. this is one of the most important, if not the most important item, of the events of this day.
4:20 - Event antendee says 911 truth group promoted event by phone - we communicated with each other within the 911 group, but we did not communicate with anyone outside of the group. david irving is the initial, and ultimate promoter of the event, and i think that david irving, as well as, the portland 911 group, or anyone else, for that matter, should be respected in regard to our free speech right to peaceably assemble to speak on whatever we please, just as much as anyone who disagrees with us in regard to our intellectual-intuitive interests.(note - i did not agree with everything that david irving stated during his lecture)
4:20 - awyer Stu Sugaman onsite leaglly disputing the ES claims ES management wont show "contract" -
should i be required to show a "contract" to anyone for allowing someone to speak on my private property?
you may disagree with something someone says but should you have the right to say that they should not have free speech?
hence, might you be next to such judgement? please let`s not make any compromises to free speech, lest we find ourselves one day not to have the necessity to speak our interests.

i witnessed your reporter speaking with a friend/fellow member of our portland 911 truth alliance group, and i sensed her to be entirely mature, respectable, and professional.
i wish that those of you who are opposed to david irvings views could have been allowed to have heard his lecture,
because to be perfectly honest with you he basically seemed to be a historian whether you agree with his vantage points or not.
i actually found him to be a disappointment when he said that he is more interested in what makes individuals motivate to do positive or negative things as opposed to being interested in the physical anomalies of the holocaust versus non-holocaust argument (such as myself). he never struck me as a racist or even a separatist at any moment during his lecture, and even though dissenters may consider him to have played it safe, i found it reassuring that we still are able to listen to someone of so-called objectionable views. i only wish that the dissenters who were outside could have been allowed inside the building so as to have been able to have respectfully listened to his lecture, as we should all be able to be respectfully be able to peaceably disagree.

i will always wish for you to be able to speak your mind-heart, and unless you wish the same for me,
then i regret that you will one day find your self unnecessarily oppressed, because people did not protect your freedom of speech as much as i. what a shame it would be for us to not be able to disagree, fore that would be the bastion of enslavement.

represent 20.Jul.2009 00:25

clear channel

(end quote)

KBOO is community radio here in Portland
the reporter was not affaliated with Portland Indy Media center

It would seem to me that it would be a BIG strech to say she represented the "dissenters outside in bandannas"

Some corrections for Halliburton Crusher 20.Jul.2009 00:47

people person

Stu Sugarman was not on site. He made a phone call to the management to inform them that their claim that an LLC cannot cancel an event is inaccurate. It was a reporter that asked for a copy of the "contract" in order to verify the Embassy Suites' claim that they were legally bound to hold the event. The story of an alleged contract only surfaced after their first legal claim was debunked.

I personally witnessed the obese male employee in the black t-shirt either "Terry" or "Everett" grab the kid's shirt and swing on him first because he wouldn't leave (the kid may have made a smart remark or something but I did not hear it). I couldn't see if his fist made contact with the kid's face or not. I did not see the kid respond but I was distracted directly after by someone asking me to leave. But if someone swung on me I would pulverize them before they could try to do more damage to me. Thankfully it is your legally protected right to defend yourself when assaulted. So even if he swung back, the kid showed restraint.

I overheard someone complaining repeatedly that David Irving had assaulted him when he tried to debate with him.

Several people attempted debate with Irving and he simply shouted and threatened and apparently assaulted someone.

People have posted here ridiculous amounts of evidence of Irving's own overtly racist statements and his collaboration/involvement in self described nazi and white supremacist organizations. In fact his current job is selling nazi, especially Hitler, memorabilia.

You're on a very short road to goosestepping to the Nationalist Socialist party line. The 911 Truth group is dead to me, the peace movement(incl Palestinian solidarity), and any other social justice struggle. You've crossed over to the dark side and everyone knows it now. Expect to be treated accordingly.

Your type of ignorance is what lead to the rise of "All White Homeland" terrorism in the Pacific NW circa '84-'94. "Oh, protect Metzger's right to free speech", the white ass liberals cried. But fortunately Portland rose up, using precisely the tactics of Rose City Antifa, and took back our city from the nazis patrolling downtown for "moral decency" with baseball bats and bombing campaigns and home arsons and murders (most notable being Mulegata Seraw) and beatings. Nazis do not live and let live. Since you're probably new to the area you may want to look into the nasty skeletons in our history before you flap your gums. I will NEVER, EVER let Portland go back to that. You'll have to kill me first(I'm sure with just a couple more years of their propaganda you'll try).

Austria 20.Jul.2009 01:32


Austria is a beautiful country with fascinating customs and traditions; some of which pre-date Christianity. Sadly it is also a land which has also produced one of the most twisted men to have ever walked the face of this earth. I'm talking about Hitler.

The evil spirits that are banished in the Austrian Alps every Winter have varying degrees of power at certain times. So there are times when the Perchten (the banishers of the evil spirits) need extra power. I beleive the evil spirits who haunt the Alps were especially powerful during WW2 as they poisoned many people's minds and made many people beleive that the wickedness of Naziism was somehow good. David Irving gets absolutely no sympathy from me for being imprisoned in Austria. Naziism is representative of evil energy that deserves to be banished. Imagine David Irving getting whipped out of town in the same way in which men on horseback whip the evil spirits out the villages in Austria. LOL

Some comments 20.Jul.2009 02:07

an anarchist e p

I don't speak (or write) for anybody who was present at this demonstration,, but i can tell you the most logical and consistent answer to why people wear bandanas over their faces is to prevent the Nazis from identifying who was out there protesting them. These people are serious supporters of the rat-pack attack, and maiming and murdering people who don't agree with them, and people they consider inferior. There were definitely fascists, fascist supporters, and fascist enablers who were attempting to identify the people protesting them for future attacks. t this point, i consider most of the members of 911Truth in Portland to be at least fascist enablers. They have brought a right wing reactionary to Portland, and then support irving coming to Portland.

As for the the KBOO reporter representing the masked people outside, that is ridiculous. Most of the people outside, including the ones who called the demonstration, did not want people to go inside, and become part of the debate. Murder and genocide are not debatable. Not 60 years ago, and not today. To debate Irving and other fascists only legitimizes their genocidal ideas. They must be ostracized and stopped. No platform for Nazis or their sympathizers!

Some real history for those who think Irving is just a miguided historian 20.Jul.2009 06:31

an anarchist

Subject: (en) Germany, History, Anarchists Against Hitler: The Underground FAUD in the Rhineland (de, it))
Reply-To:  a-infos-en@ainfos.ca

Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin no.5 [1995] ---- On 5th November 1937, Julius Nolden, a car
plant worker from Duisburg was sentenced by the "The People's Court" in Berlin to a ten
year prison term for "preparing an act of high treason with aggravating circumstances."
Nolden had been at the head of the FAUD (anarcho-syndicalist Free Union of German Workers)
in the Rhineland when that underground Organisation was dismantled by the Gestapo in
January 1937. Arrested with him were 88 other male and female anarcho-syndicalists who
stood trial in the Rhineland in early 1938. ---- In 1921 the FAUD in Duisburg had around
5000 members. After then the numbers fell and by the time Adolf Hitler came to power in
1933, only a few tiny groups remained. For example, there were about 25 militants active
in the Duisburg area and the Rhineland regional union had around 180-200 dues-paying members.

At its last regional Congress, held in Erfurt in March 1932, the FAUD had decided that, in
the event of the Nazis taking power, its federal bureau in Berlin would be shut down and
replaced by an underground directorate (based in Erfurt) and that there would have to be a
general strike by way of reply. The latter decision proved impracticable: for one thing,
the FAUD right across Germany was decimated by a wave of arrests.

In April-May 1933, Dr. Gerhardt Wartenburg, before being obliged to flee the country,
managed to find a replacement for himself as secretary of the FAUD in the person of Emil
Zehner, an Erfurt blacksmith. Wartenburg fled to Holland, to Amsterdam, where he was
welcomed along with other German émigrés, by the Dutch anarcho-syndicalist, Albert de
Jong. Similarly, the IWA (the International Workers' Association embracing trade unions of
a libertarian and revolutionary bent) secretariat was moved to the Netherlands but that
did not prevent the organisation's archives from falling into the hands of the Nazis.

In autumn 1933, Emil Zehner was replaced by Ferdinand Gotze, a member of the Saxony
Chamber of Labour, then run by Richard Thiede from Leipzig. Meanwhile in the autumn of
1934 Gotze, on the run from the Gestapo, turned up again in the west of Germany where
support from the Dutch federation of the IWA (the NSV) had made it possible to establish
an underground FAUD group. At the same time and in all haste an FAUD secretariat in exile
had been set up in Amsterdam.

Duisberg, The Liaison And Agitation Centre For The West Of Germany

Up until the Nazis took power, labourer Franz Bunged had headed the Duisburg federation.
He was interned in the Bogermoor concentration camp without any semblance of a trial in
1933. Bungert was released within a year but found it absolutely impossible to engage in
even the least illegal activity because of the strict surveillance under which he was
kept. His place was taken by Julius Nolden, a Steelworker unemployed at the time. Up to
that point, Nolden had been treasurer of the Rhineland Chamber of Labour. Nolden too was
arrested by the Gestapo who suspected that his job with an incineration plant was a cover
for illegal contacts with other FAUD members.

In June 1933, a little after he was released, Nolden met Karolus Heber, a member of the
underground Erfurt directorate, The object of their meeting was to organise the
clandestine escape of compromised colleagues to Holland and to launch a resistance
organisation in the Rhineland and Rhur districts, Nolden and his colleagues laid the
groundwork for a network to smuggle people out to Amsterdam and distributed antifascist
propaganda. It transpires from the court records that anti-Nazi pamphlets circulating at
the time under cover of the title "Eat German fruit and stay healthy', were so popular
among miners that they used to greet each other with: "Have you eaten German fruit as well?"

After 1935 and the improving economic position inside the country, it was increasingly
difficult to keep an illegal anarcho-syndicalist organisation afloat.

Many comrades had found work again after years of unemployment and casual labour and were
reluctant to involve themselves in active resistance. The Gestapo terror did the rest.
Furthermore, the support from Amsterdam dried up in 1935.

The outbreak of the Spanish revolution in 1936 gave a boost to anarcho-syndicalist
activity inside Germany. Nolden built up his contacts with Duisburg, Dusseldorf and
Cologne, organised meetings and launched subscriptions to raise financial support for the
Spanish comrades. At the same time, Simon Wehre, from Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen), used the
Rhineland Chamber of Labour's network to recruit volunteer technicians prepared to go to
Spain. In December 1936, the Gestapo, thanks to a spy planted within, managed to uncover
the existence of groups in the cities of Munchengladbach, Dulken and Viersen. At the
beginning of 1937, the political police rounded up 50 anarcho-syndicalists from Duisburg,
Dusseldorf and Cologne. Nolden was among those arrested. A little later, further arrests
were made and these brought the number of members of the outlawed FAUD in Gestapo clutches
to 89. It took a year to build the case against them. These male and female comrades were
charged with "preparing acts of high treason" and they were brought before the courts in
January and February of 1938.

Only six were not convicted for lack of evidence. The rest were sentenced to terms ranging
from several months to six years imprisonment. Julius Nolden was committed to the
Luttringhausen prison and remained there until the arrival of the Allies on 19 April 1945.
On Pentecost Sunday of 1947 he met in Darmstadt with other comrades to establish the
Federation of Libertarian Socialists (anarcho-syndicalists),

Killing Of Militants

Several comrades were murdered in prison. The Duisburg lathe-operator, Emil Mahnert,
according to the testimony of four other inmates, was hurled from two storeys up by a
police torturer. The bricklayer, Wilhelm Schmitz died in prison on 29 January 1944 and the
circumstances of his death have never been properly clarified. Ernst Holtznagel was
dispatched to the notorious 999 punishment battalion, where he was killed. Michael
Delissen from Munchengladbach was beaten to death by the Gestapo in December 1936. Anton
Rosinke from Dusseldorf was murdered in February 1937.

In August 1946, the Dusseldorf anarcho-syndicalist Ernst Binder wrote: 'Since mass
resistance was not feasible in 1933, the finest members of the movement had to squander
their energy in a hopeless guerrilla campaign. But if workers will draw from that painful
experiment the lesson that only a united defence at the proper time is effective in the
struggle against fascism, their sacrifices will not have been in vain."

[Trans: PS]

From A Peace Museum To A Hitler Barracks

Ernst Friedrich (1894-1967), an Anarchist, founded the first international anti-war museum
In Berlin (1923) as a testament to the German anti-militarist movement. He was conscious
of the fact that the world was still thinking of Germany as irreconcilably militarist,
despite the discrediting of the old Prussian aristocratic military state, and wanted to
show many German workers had struggled against the military state. He also wanted in turn
to show other German workers how vital that struggle was, and to demolish nationalist
lies. The horrors of the war, on the front and at home, were overwhelmingly portrayed in
his International Anti-War Museum at No. 29 Parochialstrasse, Berlin,

When the Nazis took power, they seized the Museum, burned the exhibits and books and
transformed the place into an SA-Heim (storm troopers' barracks) They could not wait for
the necessary alterations to be made and overnight painted out the word "Anti" from the
fascia and posted a guard on the door.

Translated by: Paul Sharkey.

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to 20.Jul.2009 08:27


you pretty much sum it up with your words -
"These scum don't deserve to exist."

oops..are those your words or the kind David Irving would speak?
I cannot fathom your belief in becoming what you detest

Funny 20.Jul.2009 09:03

Feral Kimchi

I think its hilarious when liberals claim that by fighting fascism you somehow become fascist. If a woman fights off a rapist, does she somehow become like her attacker? If a tiger attacks a zoo keeper, does it run the risk of becoming a zoo keeper? NO!

I wish these pacifists would understand the danger in letting people like David Irving thrive.

Understand this 20.Jul.2009 09:23


Greenie, it is a shame you do not understand, so I will just point out a couple of things.
Irving is not just a holocaust denier 'historian.'
In the past he has been active in promoting the Nazi cause. He has addressed neo-Nazi rallies in Germany, Austria and other European countries.
He has shared the stage with that other British Nazi Nick Griffin promoting fascism in the UK.
His aim is not just to deny the holocaust but to build a Nazi movement.
It is disturbing to see the growth of the Nazis in Europe and the growth in racist attacks that have gone along with it.
So it is imperative that they are not only exposed but stopped.

post #3 20.Jul.2009 11:02

Halliburton Crusher

thanks for posting my writings.
david irving may have been referring to his event in Seattle when i wrote of someone hitting an employee. i do not recall if he was referring to Seattle or Portland.

TO CLEAR CHANNEL - i stand corrected and apologize for thinking the reporter from KBOO was actually part of the Rose City Antifa.
does anyone know if anyone from the Rose City Antifa attended the lecture?

TO PEOPLE PERSON - i should think any place can cancel an event, but thats lawyer stuff.
you mentioned that you "overheard someone complaining repeatedly that David Irving had assaulted him when he tried to debate with him. Several people attempted debate with Irving and he simply shouted and threatened and apparently assaulted someone."
my response to this is - I wish that the people who were in disagreement with David Irving had debated him AFTER his speech. I have done this myself with people i disagree with on items.
"You're on a very short road to goosestepping to the Nationalist Socialist party line." - actually i find political science a never ending debate of us versus them sort of perpetual rhetoric, and i seek to listen to individuals. the morning after the last presidential election i woke up and thought to myself -
i realize my vote does not really count for anything but damn it i should have voted for Cynthia McKinney yesterday.
now you know a bit more of what kind of "party line" i "step" to.
"The 911 Truth group is dead to me, the peace movement(incl Palestinian solidarity), and any other social justice struggle."
- i am sorry that you feel this way. i hope it is only temporary. we all get discouraged when our efforts do not yield results as quickly as we wish.
"You've crossed over to the dark side and everyone knows it now." - just because i attend a lecture does not mean i have crossed over to anything. i do agree with david irving that the number of jews who died in concentration camps was exaggerated
but i honestly am not interested in nazism. i should think you would realize this, considering my interest in cynthia mckinney, who by the way was abducted and put in a prison recently by the Israeli military for trying to ship resources to Palestinians, particularly children.
"Oh, protect Metzger's right to free speech" - i support everyone to be able to have free speech, but this does NOT mean that people should assume that i agree with what they believe.
"Since you're probably new to the area you may want to look into the nasty skeletons in our history before you flap your gums"
- i moved to Portland in 1987 and lived at SE 37th and Belmont when Mulugeta Seraw was murdered at SE 34th and Stark.
for the past twenty years when i have traveled past SE 34th and Stark i have thought with sadness of Mulugeta Seraws death
because i have lived in this neighborhood for most of my time here in Portland.
"I will NEVER, EVER let Portland go back to that. You'll have to kill me first(I'm sure with just a couple more years of their propaganda you'll try)" - give me a break !! how absurd of you to make such an accusation.

the bottom line is that the Rose City Antifa had an opportunity to confront david irving AFTER he made his speech in which case i, and everyone else in that room, could have heard your views as well, but we all did not hear the views of the RCA because some of you were too anxious and chased after david irving before the speaking time even started.
once again, i have waited for opportunities at speaking events to confront speakers, and this will be to your benefit to utilize this method in the future.

... more on "Free Speech" 20.Jul.2009 11:31

Aunty Fa

I feel like no matter how many times people thoughtfully explain to liberals why it is important to confront and disrupt fascist organizing, the reply always seems to be this mindless, parrot-like regurgitation of empty platitudes and bumper sticker morality. Here's the thing, free speech probably makes a ton of sense to people that are likely to feel like their needs, desires and views are widely represented, or at least pandered to, by the bulk of the media. These would be white, middle class people. This population, which includes the liberal lefties in large part, holds a simplistic, unexamined faith in "free speech" which ignores vast differences of power and broad oppressive dynamics in the real world. The idea of a "market place of ideas" is both deeply disturbing and a pretty accurate description given that the market is brutally racist, sexist, classist, and homophobic. For people that are being crushed at the bottom of the social pyramid, this is not an abstract argument at all. Even at the most rudimentary organizational level, there are real consequences that come along with fascist ideas: murders, beatings, rapes, and violent intimidation.

The idea that invisible hand of reasonable critique will somehow solve the problem seems unlikely given that we are still chasing our tails in the same ideological circles. Liberals always seem to love to sermonize about how they would defend the KKK's right to speak. Personally I would like it if we could eventually move beyond these same, age-old battles. And that means destroying white supremacy entirely (along with other radical social transformations). The plain fact exists that Irving's book "Hitler's War" made him millions in the seventies. And obviously our entire society is not driven by reasonable critique or compassion. It is built on white, male supremacy and bare-toothed Capitalism dressed up in democracy.

In the United States people have achieved a level of docility that Mussolini would have dreamed about. It is amazing to me that people get genuinely upset that people have the audacity to stand up to fascists. This would never be the case in places where people have a living memory of fascism and a true understanding of the stakes. Americans are convinced that Nazi Germany could never happen again, and yet they have slim to no critical thinking skills and are totally terrified and appalled at idea of taking a radical political stand (let alone engage in armed *gasp* struggle). In the past, fascist have had to beaten back, through force. Yelling at people in a hotel (which had every right to refuse service to neo-Nazis), is a far cry from the violence and horror that Irving and his followers would like to bring into being. Creating a simple moral equivalency demonstrates how dangerously ignorant folks like "Greenie" are. I seriously hope these dialogues on fascism are spurning people to delve a little deeper, do a little reading, and develop a more sophisticated analysis. Then put that praxis into action.

Thanks again to Antifa and (most) posters to this thread 20.Jul.2009 13:38

Wrench Monkey

I would appreciate a report on the complicity of the pdx 911 truth group. The real matter at hand is the widespread racist beliefs and actions of Portlanders in "leftist" groups.

just a couple notes on the event 20.Jul.2009 14:43

wuz there

just a couple notes from what i experienced and responses to comments/discussion...probably will be some more complete "reportback" with more people's inputs later on...

first of all though, a little comedic relief from the ding-bats and d-bags on the right-wing:
The provocateur who keeps commenting on indymedia with the link to thephora website used a fake name "Jake Featherston" as the author name. Well, i looked that name up on wikipedia and found out that it's the name of a fictional character, described thusly: "Featherston is extremely petty and vindictive, taking the slightest mistake or remark as a personal affront and then vowing to take vengeance on the perpetrator, be it a single man, an entire race, or a whole country." ...nice choice of hero, dude-person.

Also, this anonymous numbskull tries to say that the "obese" employee is not "obese," and therefor casts doubt on whether or not he assaulted a protester.
Well, first of all, I think that it is in poor form to describe him as "obese," even though he was probably unhealthy, in an overweight sort of way, even if you can't tell from the picture. It is enough to describe his clothing, his hair color, and that he was an employee, without making a jab at his body-type and thereby causing hurt to other people, including allies, who have been abused or shunned because of their body-type.
That being said, this particular individual (the employee dressed all in black, with shortish brown hair), was a real jerk who didn't have any idea what sort of sewage was leaking out of his mouth-hole. He actually claimed that there are no nazis in america...yup, that's exactly what he said. Maybe he said that there were no nazis in "north america" or something, but he was pretty clearly an ignorant jerk who was loud, rude, and unnecessarily escalating the tensions by being physical and not keeping his jerk-mouth shut. Not to mention that he was acting to protect the very nazis that he believed to not be there, which is either surreal or funny, or just sad.

I'm not going to respond (much) to the free-speech d-bate, as it has already been covered. Well, actually, I'd like to pose a question: how many liberal free-speech advocates does it take to change a lightbulb? or prevent nazis from organizing in our communities?

As for the claims of "Portland 911 member": well, one gray-haired and bearded fellow showed up late and said that he had gotten a call from someone in Portland 911 truth. The guy wouldn't say his name or the name of the person who called him, but he did make a point to show his disdain for our protecting our identities. One last thing to portland 911 member: we weren't allowed to attend the lecture, and attendees were expected to give this nazi scum-pimple their money in order to attend. I really hope that you snuck in and didn't pay, which would've probably been hard since their was reportedly only a dozen or so dupes in attendance. Please tell us you didn't give this dangerously foolish windbag your money. Please.

Also, the guy who got a call from 911 truth didn't seem to know much about D-bag Irving, and probably wouldn't have attended if he hadn't gotten a call urging him to go. Way to raise funds for the nazis, 911 truthers. You sure are getting your message out there. Does the 911 truth group have an official position on supporting nazis? Is this just the work of a disruptor/provocateur within the group? Awaiting response.

One last thing: it felt great to tell the nazis to shut the fuck up!

Not really 20.Jul.2009 15:21


Aunty Fa, I agree with the spirit of what you wrote, but not the reality. This is not an issue of freedom of speech--the first amendment is about the government not favoring one form of speech over another. Without debating how that plays out, what you and the other anti-fascist types are doing, is something else. Incidentally, if you ever want to see how much the standard liberal really supports this concept of freedom of speech, start cursing like mad in front of their kids.

Good job RCA. Keep it up.

? 21.Jul.2009 02:32


Even Noam Chomsky supports the right of historians to speak about what they believe to have happened, concerning the Nazi holocaust. Not that this jackass is even a decent historian, since he ignores primary documents, etc. But protesting him merely gives him notoriety and even legitimacy in many people's eyes.

Why not let the jackass hang himself with his own bad work and idiotic words? The Nazi holocaust obviously happened. Isn't doing this like protesting against flat-earth people? Protest merely renews his determination, I would imagine. "They wouldn't protest unless I wasn't making headway. I better soldier on," I would imagine him thinking. Maybe I'm wrong. I can't think of a better person to protest, besides maybe the God Hates Fags guy. But wouldn't ignoring him into oblivion work better? I forgot about him totally for years now until this article. Am I out of line here?

To Gringo Star 21.Jul.2009 12:05

Feral Kimchi

No offense, but Noam Chomsky? Who cares? The guy is a flaming liberal anyways. No wonder he supports the right for fascist historians to spread their lies. If we simply try to ignore people like Irving, then the fire just grows. If we don't do something about it now, then it may make it a hell of a lot harder for us in the future. I've seen what happens when groups like Rose City Antifa are not around to oppose racists or fascists. I come from the midwest and there were no anti-fascist groups, so the bigots just thrive. I remember when Fred Phelps (God Hates Fags guy)was not known outside of the Topeka Kansas area, and now the group is unfortunately growing in popularity, although I don't think that will last long.

Unfortunately just wishing that hatred go away is not sufficient enough.

????! 21.Jul.2009 12:05


In response to the talk of Irvings freedom of speech and the post saying to let him hang him self with his own words. Didnt the holocaust happen because people looked the other way and did not speak up. I am not from Portland but am from a place where their was a large nazi problem until people did something about it. This was around the same time as Portland(late 80's-mid90's) And we were well aware of what was going on here in portland. So much so that I was skeptical of even moving to oregon. So I applaud the efforts of any one whom stands up to nazis and their supporters. I wonder if any of you that they deserve their freedom of speech would think differently of neo-nazis if you had been stomped on by them. I have and I feel no fucking sympathy for them! When I was a teen they used to come to punk shows and kick your ass for no other reason than what you were wearing. You know what stopped that shit. People stood up to them! Freedom of speech is irellivent when your looking at the bottom of a doc marten!

even more on "Free Speech" 21.Jul.2009 13:48


The support by Chomsky for Irving's right to publish his Nazi meanderings was based on opposition to the right of THE STATE to jail someone for dissident writings or to deny the right to publish. This is a very different matter than saying that no one should commit to righteous actions such as that done by Antifa.

All you Portland supporters of pdx 911 untruth, Calvert, Irving, etc: Please continue to crawl out of your holes and speak freely. But know that there are those of us who will call you out on your bullshit.

The Nazi Strategy Behind Holocaust Denial/Doubt 21.Jul.2009 15:11

Romany Mariposa

Allowing people like Irving & Metzger to spread their oppressive ideology paves the road for action to make those ideas reality. If people were not brainwashed to distrust or despise Jewish(& other) people then the holocaust would not have happened.

You give people too much credit. Never assume that people listening to a speaker will use critical thinking skills without hearing a strong counter argument. Americans' critical thinking skills are dull, to put it politely. Even for the average human it only takes hearing something from 8 different sources to believe anything to be true, if given little to no reason to distrust the sources.

Nazis(in their own words) view remembrance of the Holocaust as the largest impediment to the popularity of nazi ideology. They are absolutely correct to feel this way. Holocaust denial(or casting doubt/distrust on survivor accounts, suggesting conspiracy, etc.) and demonizing Israel* is the most important work they can do to further their ideology. If you support them in this first step of their strategy, then you are an accomplice enabling them to rise again. Furthermore you are opening your mind to even worse nazi propaganda as you grow to trust their version of events and to see Jewish/gypsy/anarchist/gay/Jehovah's witnesses/black/RAF people as liars that are out to get you.

Never Again, to anyone

*For the record, I don't support Israeli military oppression of Palestinians. Nor do a lot of Israeli people or a lot of Jewish people of other national origins. I see the Israeli state acting as many victims of extreme abuse do. From survivor to perpetrator and the intergenerational cycle of abuse continues. But scapegoating and Nazi fascism is never the answer.

One more thing 21.Jul.2009 15:15

Romany Mariposa

I do agree, that speech is not any of the government's business. It is the responsibility of peers to shut down fascist pigs.

to Romany 21.Jul.2009 20:01

an anarchist

Fascists are not my peers, but i understand and agree with your point.

To the 911 Liars, and other Nazi enabling scum: If You support fascist organizing, you should be crushed along with your fascist friends. No pasaran!

first we will 22.Jul.2009 00:43

divide them

then we will crush them...this is the most perfectly orchestrated infiltration and dismantling of dissent I have seen on the left in over forty years...the 9 11 truth movement is now identified with neo-Nazi fascism, hate speech, anti-semeticism et. al.

Well done comrades. I salute you agent provocateurs.

This is a rousing victory, thus castrating all opposition to Israel (and their desire to occupy Palestine, wage war with Iran, and wage war endlessly throughout the middle east), and the 9 11 truth movement.


You have succeeded beyond all of our highest expectations.

We may now proceed with implementing the final pieces of our agenda.

They believe!


They believe!

And they will police their own!

RE: "Divide Them" 22.Jul.2009 01:17

Romany Mariposa

911 Truth has nothing to do with Palestine. 911 Truth and Pacifica Forum, in fact, would do great harm to the credibility of the Palestinian movement. It makes them appear as an anti-Semitic conspiracy rather than a people suffering under an oppressive nationalist state.

How dare you suggest that the Palestinian solidarity movement should crawl into bed with the fascists, you fool!

So now... 22.Jul.2009 01:43

an anarchist

You use your fake idea of Orwell to go against the real George Orwell. Orwell was an anti-fascist. He left Britain as a volunteer to join an anti-fascist militia in Spain where guess what: they killed fascists and fascist sympathizers. To misinterpret his ideas would probably make him want to vomit.

Most anti-fascists that i know are also against what the isra-hell-i government does. I bet you none of the actual protesters at Irving's events were Zionists. We realize that Israel uses the holocaust to justify its dirty deeds. That doesn't mean that anti-semitism doesn't exist, and that the German government led by Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party did not genocide 12 million people approximately 6 million of whom were Jewish. Hitler himself said that the only way to have stopped him would have been to crush him early on. At what point will the liberals and 911 Liars allow people to commit some community self-defense? At what point will you realize that i am not your comrade? And at what point do you not realize that the 911 Liar kooks don't need anti-fascists to discredit them?

you have just proven 23.Jul.2009 03:02

my point

"the 9 11 liar kooks"...well done, as 9 11 truth is the lynchpin of the whole fascist-anti-terror, patriot act, dismantling of first amendment, fourth amendment, invasion of privacy through the surveillance act, (government can spy on anyone at any time for any reason), and you want to crucify some nutty professor at a hotel near the airport, as you mightily pole vault over mouse turds,...and, your piece de resistance! the 9 11 truthers are now identified with the fascists...

god help us

and i will say it again...

2+2=5 (the official version of 9 11)

and the left will police those who say otherwise (by calling the 9 11 truthers liar kooks and fascists and on and on...)

You do it to yourself 23.Jul.2009 13:24

Romany Mariposa

911 Truth allied ITSELF with fascists. Unapologetically so. Folks here are just pointing it out.

well well 27.Jul.2009 11:29


these photos are quite useful. Interesting you feel the need to hide your faces if you beleive you are fighting for a just cause. A very threatening mob of 10 girls and 120 pound erd. HAHA antifa

To VF 27.Jul.2009 16:48

Feral Kimchi

I believe they're hiding their faces because racists/fascists could retaliate, possibly violently. Not only that but not everyone wants to advertise that they are an Anarchist or antifascist since the authorities often go after those individuals. This seems especially true for Green Anarchists. Just a guess though; I could be way off.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUGVPBO9_cA 30.Jul.2009 08:29


"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")

Link to youtube video 2:23 minutes long: