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Unquenchable by Robert Glennon

As potable water becomes less and less available to the world's six billion humans, wars to seize and control drinkable water will continue to grow to equal the crimes against humanity "Westernized" nations commit against oil-bearing nations. In short, we are all fucked and there's nothing we can do about it.
The book's cover
The book's cover

Robert Glennon has assembled a book called Unquenchable, America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It. To people who observed the Israeli terrorist State's war crimes in neighboring countries, the control of potable water owned and held by weak nations is increasingly being seized by terrorist religious States.

In Unquenchable, Glennon covers the abuse of water in the United States, describing the "shell game" of moving and diverting water around the country in an effort to keep corporate fascists, organized crime, and fat cat politicians being paid billions while actual human communities die of thirst.

I have ordered the book -- very expensive for me since I usually pay 25 cents or 50 cents used at the public library discard stacks but it looks to be worth the price since the report details activities govorning water that get some play in the mainstream media but not nearly enough, probably for fear of waking people up to the looming world-wide disasters thanks to unchecked population growth and corporate fascist greed.

I have always lived in Southern California and we have always had water rationing off and on as rains fall or not and as water is moved from region to region. I have watched as the United States started violating water right contracts between Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and California as well as international water contract agreements between Mexico.

While the money flows from fat cat corporate crook to politicians and back again, whole civilizations have died out along waterways that have dried up while at the same time canyonlands and national nmonuments have drowned in horrid water retention schemes which even bear the name of environmentalist extremists like Col. Powell, a man who would be dragging Washington politicians out of their offices and giving them fair trials in the streets if he was alive today to see the destruction of the American Southewst that bears his name.

Water is the coming thing. Christofascist crimes against humanity to seize oil will increasingly be mirrored in war crimes inflicted to seize other people's drinkable water.

Science and technology has managed to keep up with a great many of the problems that our unchecked, Christian-motivated population growth here in the United States however most other countries on the planet contain starving and thirsty populations which continue to breed virtually unchecked, driven by religious occultism and to a smaller degree ignorance.

But that won't last. Technologies have a habit of coming when they're most needed, usually driven by pressing financial incentives however potable water enough to feed the growing population of the United States is falling short and getting worse.

In short, we are all fucked and the dieing won't be at all fun.


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