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American Private Health Insurers Are Nothing But a Bunch of Mass Murderers.

Whether you drop white phosphorus bombs on innocent civilians
American Private Health Insurers Are Nothing But a Bunch of Mass Murderers.

By Lloyd Hart

Whether you drop white phosphorus bombs on innocent civilians in Falujah, Iraq or bomb villages with predator drones killing men, women and children in the tribal region of Pakistan in an illegal undeclared war or deny immediate and preventative life saving healthcare to millions, causing millions of lives to be cut short, your a mass murderer.

The "Public Option" healthcare system that Obama and congress are bamboozaling the American public into accepting will actually be managed by the so-called private health insurers from the get go and really only amounts to a bailout of those same private healthcare providers so they can maintain the class structure in the healthcare delivery system that leads to the mass murder inflicted on the working poor and middle classes in America through the denial of coverage.

Obama and congress are lying to you about the public option. The public option is nothing short of mandated managed care. a mutant of the HMO system. The ruling classes in America have no intention of making your lives better. They are simply trying to get the public to pay more for less. When the cloak of secrecy was lifted from Teddy Kennedy's secret meetings with the private health insurers and it was discovered that Kennedy had sold out the American people that worked so diligently to beat back the election theft system that is still plaguing this nation the corporate media quickly deep sixed the story. Instead of secret meetings in Washington led by Hillary Clinton, Kennedy met with the vampires in his Hyannis port residence in Massachusetts and his residence in Florida, away from the epicenter where the democrats universal healthcare lie would be hatched. Everything you are seeing concerning the healthcare debate in Washington is nothing but theatre, manufactured strictly for public consumption in order to hide a predetermined outcome, more denial of healthcare coverage for the American public.

The public option bamboozal was designed from the very beginning to push the "Single Payer" healthcare system the majority of Americans want out of the debate. This was done for one simple reason. Special interests such as the U.S. Military and their contractors (just to mention a couple) don't want to share the federal budget with the American people, which would have to happen in order to cover everyone with the same excellent world class comprehensive healthcare all Canadians have. Yes America, you will probably have to end the "War On Terror" in order to have the excellent world class comprehensive healthcare all Canadians have. Yes, you will have to stop living in terror in order to live long healthy lives.

The reality is that defense contracting has been conveniently spread out to almost all 50 states, so U.S. Senators who receive campaign contributions and other illegal perks from defense contractors will not vote for a bill that will cut into their patrons profits. This is why Massachusetts went with mandated care where you must buy a plan or be fined. In other words, If you fuckers want healthcare your going to have to pay for it your self.

So when the Public Option is finally revealed and when Americans go to apply for it they will discover the income cut offs are as miserably set as the Massachusetts Mandated plan which I absolutely refuse to participate in. If I am going to pay taxes then it had better amount to something worth having instead of 1.5 million dead Iraqis, god knows how many Afghans and Pakistanis and of course millions of dead Americans who were denied immediate and preventative life saving healthcare.

Remember Folks, Obama and congress looked you straight in the face and said he and congress were cutting the U.S. defense budget for fiscal year 2010 when in fact they increased it, hiding the fact with a little creative accounting.

The only way to cut costs in Healthcare is remove completely and entirely all the mass murderers that call themselves private healthcare providers from the system. These gangsters collect a 30% vig off the top of every healthcare dollar in America making it impossible to provide world class comprehensive healthcare for all. In Canada 96 cents of every healthcare dollar goes directly to Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals, the only capitalists allowed in the system. There are no Vampires sucking the public to death as if denying healthcare coverage were a legitimate business practice.

You know eh, if I get really sick I can always go back to Canada eh, but you folks down here in America? Well, your completely fucked eh.

Good Luck eh.

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Lloyd Hart