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animal rights

come on down to ungar furs tomorrow

hey people come down and show ungar furs that they can not continue making hell for the animals. friday 1pm-5pm. yamhill and 12th street downtown.
no blood for fashion!

you folks 17.Jul.2009 01:10


rock :)

Why & How 17.Jul.2009 14:04


There is no excuse for animal abuse, and fur is the most vain of all animal exploitation industries. Natural plant fibers like hemp can make alternatives to fur that are warmer and less resource/energy costly. Using the most ecological and ethical material for our clothing makes perfect sense. Dogs and cats are ending up around the hoods and cuffs of unknowing consumers in this country and elsewhere. The fur trade is a barbaric, outmoded, outdated and blood soaked venture. Please don't support it and encourage others to avoid buying or wearing fur. Fur is a dead fashion!

Wish I could attend once 18.Jul.2009 08:00

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

If only to participate once, I wish I could bicycle all the way from Los Angeles.