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Big Brother's Cultural Roundup

War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. These are the slogans of Big Brother. With newspeak, the ministry for truth tries to stylize oppositional citizens as terrorists.. Activism must not be equated with terrorism.

Is the world a mirror reflection of sick souls?

By Franz Mayer

[This article published on: Radio Utopia, July 2, 2009 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web,  http://www.radio-utopie.de. Sources can be accessed through the German website. Mr. Mayer's email is  mayer.franz@aon.at.]

I saw the legal system go to the devil and the world lying in ruins.

I saw lies forged with newspeak. What was once war is now peace.

I saw how truth is hidden and the people only told lies.

I saw vast misery, distress and people bereft of their souls.

Resistance becomes a duty since humanness cannot be denied.

Dignity for our life was surrendered out of terrorist fear.

Woe if you dare resist here.

Justice cannot see any more what happens with this world.


Because otherwise a monster can arise despite marvelous abilities for self-determination and personal responsibility...

This should be remembered when one evades responsibility, renounces on basic rights and capitulates out of pure fear in seeing foreign determination as the lesser evil since one could not change anything anyway. Yes, it is right when one says: "I don't even want to know. Otherwise I would only be depressed and my life would not be joyful." Why is that right? Because a person is obligated to act through education, religion and acquired moral values as soon as he or she knows something from an innate legal sense. Some cultivate and fertilize the ground with reason to harvest a hopeful future. Others contaminate and destroy like blind furious vandals, surrounding everything that could have led to a meaningful communal whole only to pursue their sick egoistical delusions. They are incapable of feelings and love as born or trained psychopaths. They abhor the happiness of others. They falsify reality; they lie, deceive, plot and scheme whenever and wherever they can increase their power and belittle and exploit everyone else.


The place accidentally coming to us as the starting point for our life is defined by our fate at our birth. A viable unity results as every cell within an organism is assigned a certain function and retains all the information to carry out its specific task in teamwork with millions of different cells. This unity forms and trains an image corresponding to our origin to assume the earmarked function. We should blindly accept and believe everything, doubt or question nothing and not think independently in any case so nothing changes in the present system and the organism society. The knowledge and information to which we are entitled is a purely specific, vocational and socially irrelevant functional knowledge. The rest is propaganda and disinformation to influence public opinion to the goal of mass control in the interest of an elite. Whoever questions things and has independent ideas quickly discovers our whole media-guided worldview is fraudulent labeling. (1) (2) (3) What is hidden behind our democracies and so-called western values? Are we going forward or backward?


War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. These are the slogans of Big Brother. With newspeak, the ministry for truth tries to stylize oppositional citizens as terrorists. One should cry seeing where fear fomented through terror and pandemonium leads to restriction of civil liberties and rights and blind trust in the state and its institutions. How one reconnects contents and meanings is revealed by a question of a multiple-choice test in the current anti-terror training of the American Defense Department DoD in a shocking way. In one question, free expression of opinion in the form of a legitimate public protest is viewed as low-level terrorism. This should ring the alarm bells. The lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) demand changing the test for all DoD employees since it leads to a flawed training. The Californian ACLU lawyer Ann Brick said DoD employees cannot fully protect the nation and its values if they do not understand that the constitutional right to criticize the government through protests as a basic American value. Activism must not be equated with terrorism. [4]


So we in Europe do not sink to the American level where the prophecies in 1984 increasingly become reality, we must resist ignorance and the increasing entertainment brainwashing. Our life must be a constant search for truth in the form of reality. Otherwise neither peace nor freedom is possible. Without knowledge of reality, we fight false causes, enemies and even ourselves all life long. We must struggle for a functioning independent legal system. Only the public cause, the law, can protect our freedom and our property. Therefore we need a state with clear understandable laws, the fewer the better. A democracy in a society where the herd is hoodwinked by mass control of consciousness can only end in a catastrophe since the elite sabotages every rational development to the well being of the general public. What this means for our society is hard to articulate, a self-destruction on installments.

Knowledge is power. But knowledge is also freedom and the basis for self-confidence and personal responsibility. This also changes nothing. Each of us is unique and special in his or her way. No two persons are completely identical. Political conformity is imposed to rob us of our individuality. Then we can be ruled and exploited. This madness must be ended. We have to create a foundation on which individuality and creativity can be experienced as creative power and enrichment and not combated or destroyed, a foundation where a future of trust, solidarity, security, freedom and peace is possible.


1) How American Elections Became a Criminal Enterprise
2) A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
3) The Reagan Revolution
4) ACLU Challenges Defense Department Personnel Policy: To Regard Lawful Protests As "Low-Level Terrorism" (6/10/2009)

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