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Social peace is waiting by the corner. Justice prepares it's claws.
Thodoris Iliopoulos remains the only one in prison at the "correctional department" of Koridalos following the events of December 2008. Th. Iliopoulos was arrested on the afternoon of Thursday December 2008 at the sidewalk leading to Propylaia in Athens. Gathered at the area was a multitude of people, amongst which press reporters, witnessing the clashes amongst the police and the protesters outside the Law School. By remaining in the area the people essentially prevented the suppressing forces from enforcing all of their brutality in action. Thus, when the police decided to disperse the gathered people with a brutish storming of the MAT riot units, aiming obviously at random arrests and injuries in order to terrorize, Th. Iliopoulos was arrested, being the most unfortunate of all gathered and to top it all was wearing black clothes. With no hesitation the copy/paste charges were waiting for him and as proved a ready made conviction.
Who could claim ignorance?
On July 8th 2009, and while still in custody for six months (from the 22nd of December), the Council of Appeals decided to retain Th. Iliopoulos in prison.
It's verdict regards and deems Th. Iliopoulos as a person that hasn't regretted his actions, dangerous for public order and safety. Obviously, the state is obligated to maintain its social cohesion. In consequence, Th. Iliopoulos is the Boston Strangler, the Carpathian Dracula, maybe even responsible for the Kennedy assassination. He is certainly the Unwarranted Threat. He is the guilty one since every one else is innocent. All proof of innocence, such as his dignity, are redundant for a tool of the system such as the meatgrinder. The Republic was fortunately saved. The State can now go on flourishing.
Social justice is revengeful.
"I'm left with no other means to fight than my own body".
(excerpt from the letter of Th. Iliopoulos with which he declared his decision to begin hunger strike from Friday July 10th 2009).
The state reveals itself when it kills. The state terrorizes when it is authoritative. The state imprisons when it is threatened. Yet it's the prisons that maintain it. Incarcerations won't save the bosses.

Solidarity to the only remaining prisoner for the events of December 2008 Th. Iliopoulos, hunger striker since the 10th of July 2009.

Rearguard Dadaists